Just got 100% and here is how

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I'm having trouble finding two of the errands. The water balloons and taking the photo of the crooked cop. I cant seem to find them. I hang around where they usually come up (in front of the police station and behind the store) and they never activate. Is there a certain time of day on that game when I can get them?

User Info: CypherGFY

8 years ago#152
After 7pm I believe for the cop, although it may be after 9pm. The water balloons I did during the day, I think.

User Info: TheKeenTaco

8 years ago#154
what do you mean by "Beat the keep up and pen shoot out games once" ???

User Info: DRzCalderon

8 years ago#155
hey um.. I did 36 errands is that enough to get 100%?
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User Info: christopher_87

8 years ago#156
To the guy who's looking for the rubberband in the gym: find it in the women's locker room, in one of the showers.

I only have 5% left to get, without FAQs or asking for help. I'm guessing that most of that 5% is clothing, followed by a few failed errands. For now, I'll just work on the achievements. Getting rid of the flowers is annoying, and the cops won't take them from me for some reason. Neither will the hobos when I pass out in dark alleys. If you're gonna rob me, for the love of god, take my flowers! Sadly, I suppose I did cheat by reading about how some boys accept flowers. I'm trying to hold off on that "achievement".

User Info: Batleth22

8 years ago#157

what do you mean by "Beat the keep up and pen shoot out games once" ???

Just that you have to not fail at both. If you are not sure where they are, Penalty Shots, if I remember correctly, is in the outdoor basketball courts in front of the Gym, and Keep-ups is near the football field under the climbable tree.

User Info: Hobley007

8 years ago#158
I've just got 100% and the last 0.75% I got from doing the lawn mowing at the house again, even though I'd definitely done them before. So I'd recommend doing the lawn mowing jobs again for people stuck.
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User Info: darnelltucker

8 years ago#159
Guess I can join the 100% club too, got it yesterday after being stuck at 99.95% for a while.

User Info: BobGeorge

8 years ago#160
FWIW, I had to buy 500 soda's to get the last .22 I need for 100%.
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