Just got 100% and here is how

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User Info: Sara1210

9 years ago#161
Can someone please help me with this, im stuck at 99.18%.

Ive done 43 errands, completed all the races etc, have all the achievements except the perfection one.

Ive got 334 clothing items, ive beat the secret pirate. Ive been through the list time and time again, i have all the collectibles too.

Ive been through this thread and done the suggestions and still my percentage hasnt moved.

Has anyone got any ideas?

User Info: EliteBrownEye

9 years ago#162
how do I learn facts from the world globe? where is it? got 98.42% got some tips for getting to 100% now though. so in the optimistic words of Arnie "I'll be back!!!"

User Info: dhjohns

9 years ago#163
I'm here to join the list of people saying WTF?!? I am at 96.99%. I have done everything mentioned in this list (even gone back and done thelawnmowing job again which added .3 or so to my completion). I am going to get my fortune read and try and run a few more errands (if there are any) and try to obtain facts from the world globe. Any other thoughts? It worries me I am over 3% away when I have done all of this stuff. Arghhh

User Info: dhjohns

9 years ago#164
Confirmed that the world globe and fortune telling do not add to your percentage. I have 330 clothes. I am missing the hat for pulling fire alarms (working on it) and for drinking 500 sodas (have a long way to go on that and I read here it was not needed). I will keep adding if I find anything.

User Info: dhjohns

9 years ago#165
The saga continues. At 97.81%. Got farther by getting the fireman's hat and drinking 500 colas. I have done 40 errands and I am looking for the rest. That is the only thing I can think that I missed. I don't understand how some people say they got 100% by doing 33 errands.

User Info: dhjohns

9 years ago#166
Now this game is getting comical. I went back and found some errands. I have done 44 now. I also did the boxing challenge. I thought I had done that but I guess not. That brought me to 99.42. I then did the lawmowing job at the house again. This would be the third time I did this final job. I am now at 100%. Yeah!!! But wait, you know the story can't end here. The achievement is not unlocked yet. lol This can't be happening. Any thoughts?

User Info: christopher_87

9 years ago#167
Actually, the hat is different for everyone -- I *needed* the 500 soda hat to get 100%. Try getting the extra gear anyway, just to see if the achievement shows up for you.

User Info: joe_998

9 years ago#168
I guess I have to buy all the clothing...
Join the Destroy all humans alien army now!

User Info: Super Squirrel

Super Squirrel
8 years ago#169
Anyone else noticed that next month this topic will be a year old?

Time flies eh?
Just wonderin if any of ya play Bully Anymore. I've been playin Fallout 3 lately. My favorite game. Bully used to be until I played Fallout. Just seein if anybody wants to get in a party and play bully. My GT: RichboyOO7 . That's with 2 0's not zero's.
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