Just got 100% and here is how

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User Info: Ray_Rice

7 years ago#191
w00t, after 35 hours on this game I FINALLY got 100% ^_^

A couple of things that are tricky:

Even after getting the lawn mowing achievement go lawn mowing on the house again because it doesn't count towards your percentage unless you beat it an extra time (an obvious glitch)

Just because you got the Go-Kart achievement DOES NOT mean you beat all the races, there are 2 more to do after you get the achievement to count it towards your percentage. Once you get the Go-Kart then it means you beat all of them.
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User Info: Gazellebot3000

7 years ago#192
Just got 100%, thanks!

User Info: Spongebuck

7 years ago#193

Is it me or does Jimmy look like Bobby Hill from King Of The Hill in the perfectionist achievement?

User Info: mopar_tech

7 years ago#194

Ok I'm at 99.41% I have 310 clothing acquired I purchased every thing from both stores, the school and the carnival, I also don't have any water balloons to throw so where do you get them ? under my stats I show 0 any thing to do with water balloons and I show 242 clothing items purchased I also show 37 errands succeeded 44 attempted. Can any one help me or am I scured :(

User Info: mopar_tech

7 years ago#195

Ok got the 100% was missing cloths from barrber shop :P the Balloons dont matter

User Info: dj6666969

7 years ago#196
Im haveing issues getting to 100%. I have completed the game to endless summer and I have only done 75 missions and some where im missing one. I have done the big prank. In chapter one there is Help gary and then should there be listed Russell in the Hole after this missing? For me its not there... Can anyone provide a link to a list of all 76 missions so I can see which one I might be missing? There is nothing coming up on the map so idk what to do.

User Info: grilldcheez002

7 years ago#197
Ive completed everything on this list and I've only got 98.51% I've only competed 34 errands and have 331 cloths. What do I need to do for the remaining 1.49%? please reply.

User Info: grilldcheez002

7 years ago#198
Ok I did the redo of lawnmowing 3 and it gave me 1.10% then I continued to do 10 more errands which now I have 43 errands done and 99.95%. zing I can taste it I'm so close. Any suggestions?

User Info: baz14

7 years ago#199
When I did the lawn mowing job part 3 by the house in Old Bullworth Vale I got the last 1,3 percent I needed for 100 % completion.

User Info: rvdfan182

7 years ago#200
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