Just got 100% and here is how

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User Info: _BananaFone_

9 years ago#31
Yay, it was stickied.

I'm at 99.86 % right now. I just finished "The Wheel Deal" achievement thinking it would bring me up to 100% but it didn't even make a decimal difference. So I don't think that achievement affects your percentage complete, just pointing that out.

Also, welcome to gamefaqs Dante, I understand you are new =)

User Info: Zpr13st

9 years ago#32
I don't get it....

I'm at 99.30%....
Ive done 47 errands....
Got 40/40 room trophies ....
all collectables..rubber bands ect....
all other achievements...

done the errands which unlock clothing items and other things ect...

waterballoon errand, Cowboy hat errand, Incognito hat errand, food delivery errand...

tombstones...pumpkins..all ninja costumes..500 sodas for hat...all carnival ticket crap...

The only thing that I don't have according to your list is 333/334 clothing items...
(I even got the prison outfit which does not count to percentage)

and it doesnt make sense if you got 100% by only doing 37 errands, and im at 47 and still arent at 100%....

User Info: RARusk

9 years ago#33
Have you done "Penalty Shots" and "Keep-Ups"?
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User Info: PLCTheCd2

9 years ago#34
Do you get something at 100% or just bragging rights that yer done?

Sorry if I sound a little rude but, I'm just asking if it's worth it.
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RE: The pirate

I had a problem finding the pirate to get my final slither of percentage. I knew where to find the pirate but he simply was not there. I also know I am not the only person who had this problem.

If you don't know :*SPOILERS*

He is on the big island very south of the map. Map reference H5.

If for some reason he does not appear for you what I suggest (what worked for me and at least one other person anyway) was to go back to the beach house save point, save the game, switch off the 360 and reload the game. Then go straight to the location and the pirate should hopefully be there

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User Info: _BananaFone_

9 years ago#36
Zpr13st, 47 errands, sweet Jesus!

I have 99.87%and 37 errands!!

I have spent 6 in-game days searching the whole town day and night for errands, and I have had no luck.

The incognito and cowboy hat errands don't seem familiar, what are their locations?
Are there any other abnormal and hard-to-reach errands that I should know of?
I need this achievement, I have to return this game soon... =[

User Info: xjunkyardx

9 years ago#37
for people looking for errands.

save your game.
restart your xbox..
soon as you load up TRAVEL TO A DIFFERENT PART OF TOWN, to look for errands.

this is what helped me find the last few i needed.
XBL GT - athreatonmyown

User Info: ffmasterjose

9 years ago#38
Great stuff.
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User Info: Morningkill

9 years ago#39
This is fantastic; thanks!
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User Info: GT400

9 years ago#40
Im stuck at 98.69

I did every achievement except the 100%, obviously... I have gotten 40/40 trophies, drank 500 sodas, rode all rides, played all games(set arcade records toos) bought everything but the scooter in the carnival. What else do you need to know?
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