Just got 100% and here is how

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User Info: tw1g_007

9 years ago#61
This game just came out recently and you are all get 100%?? No offence but that takes a while and unless you guys have nothing better to do than play games all day its doable I guess. I just don't see me getting 100% for a while....
Yup, Own.. NDS, PSP, 360[sn: bLkoptimusprime], PS3[sn: bLkomegagreymon]. facepalmed? You should know why. Period.

User Info: Big_H

9 years ago#62
Boxing Available 3:30 pm to 12:30 am
Unlocks four increasing levels of Punch Damage

You can find this task at the Old Bullworth Vale gym. Enter the blue marker
inside to start. There are four stages to this task, each one increasingly
harder than the next. It's a simple boxing match and you are limited to a
punch, block or a dodge. Each fighter has a pattern you can look for, and
your fighting limited to the punch combo (square button x 5). Wear
your opponents health meter down to nothing and you will be prompted to push
square and hold it for the knockout punch. If you don't perform the knock-
out punch quickly enough, your opponent will regain strength and start to
fight again, so don't miss this opportunity when it's presented to you.
When you have defeated your opponent, the fight is over and the damage your
punch does is increased. Do this task 4 times and you will have maximum
punch damage. When you have completed the 4 levels, you can return here to
fight random fighters. In order to achieve 100% completion of the game, you
must do at least one random fight. THis is 4 ps2 I think it works on x360

User Info: AlexSoft360

9 years ago#63
the lawn mowingmission isnt showing up, im on chapter 5

User Info: StMacK

9 years ago#64
Sounds like I'm not the only one stuck at 99.06% with seemly everything done except a single piece of clothing missing and 41 errands complete, any one figure out what we're missing yet?

User Info: axgamer

9 years ago#65
Is there any easy way to beat the final biology class? Ive tried 8 times, can't seem to get that final piece out.

User Info: DoubleTexasT

9 years ago#66
I found that specific NPCs have multiple errands for you. Example being the policeman next to the tenements having you kill rats then having you put out fires. Also the old lady at the retirement home has you put flowers on a grave in the morning then at night show up about 8-9pm and she will have you escort her to the park. I got my 100% with only 38 completed errands. I also found that errands only showed up while I was wearing my school uniform. I only have 332 pieces of clothing so I know I am missing 2 pieces from the original post. 1 being the incognito hat.
Are the hobo missions included in this? I've done 75, including the Halloween and townie missions.

User Info: slowdog76

9 years ago#68
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: StMacK

9 years ago#69
Went back today found 1 new errand and redid the 3rd mowing job at the house on a suggestion from someone else and hit 100%... weird...

User Info: oggusfoo

9 years ago#70
Note, you have to win the two games near the athletic field at least once. You have to buy all of the items in the booth with your tickets, including the scooter. Finally for me, I had never ridden the roller coaster and that covered the last 1.7 something percent. I had to ride the Octupus, Ferris Wheel, and Roller Coaster, but no Fortune Reading necessary.
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