For people that need help with Biology 5.

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User Info: jenningsnash313

6 years ago#1
I passed Biology 5 on my 2nd try, and haven't failed it since, in any of my other playthroughs.
My advice is use the slow pointer, even though you may think time is limited. Slow down on the tight curves, but let go of RB when you go on straight lines. Also, to save a little time, when peeling the skin, do the far right one first, it does save time, because on your way back you can grab the pins right away. It will save around 2 seconds. Also, grab the center of all organs with the forceps, maybe it was just me, but I had trouble grabbing the lungs. Always go for the dead center. I beat it with around 15 - 20 seconds, so if you do this you should be fine.

Also, this is a help topic, not a bragging topic, so no hate messages would be nice.
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User Info: bigd575

6 years ago#2
Nice tip, it'll be very helpful to anyone who can't get it.

User Info: vicecitystalker

6 years ago#3
I can't even beat 2. :(
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  3. For people that need help with Biology 5.

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