Sequel Being Considered

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User Info: sky_byte

5 years ago#1

I hope they follow through on it. Bully is the best R* game since San Andreas, IMO. I wonder if they will return with Jimmy, being a little older (like a senior). Or if they will follow their typical pattern and introduce an all-new main character and setting.
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User Info: big_bad_fox

5 years ago#2
With any other great game, I would say something like "i need to go change my freshly creamed pants." but i can't even joke about this game. i love it so much i couldn't dare make a vulgar comment.
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User Info: idig_jackwhite

5 years ago#3
I think they got to keep it at Bullworth, maybe as a new character a few years after Jimmy's reign.

User Info: Izo

5 years ago#4
It would be awesome if they made another game. This is one of my all time favorite titles.
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User Info: MattManElite

5 years ago#5
I dont care what they do as long as they give me a sequel.

This is encouraging news though. I didnt know they held Bully in as high regard as they do. I thought they wrote it off because it didnt have as high a sales numbers as a GTA title would.

Glad to see they still have something in store for us, and hopefully they give us an official announcement in the next few months as to whether they're officially doing a sequel.

My vote would go to all new character at an all new school, maybe a sister school or a new school other than Bullworth.

I cant tell you how much fun I've had playing Bully over the years. Its just the perfect game.
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User Info: Roso

5 years ago#6
I seem to recall someone having music for Bully 2 posted on their resume or something like that not too long ago.
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