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User Info: Cicatriz_ESP

5 years ago#1
Hi guys. I am an avid OCD player of videogames, and I've been quite entertained (and annoyed) by the fact that bully keeps track of almost everything you do. I try to have 100% on all statistics, always, so here are my discoveries:

* Punches: You can fail punches, but try not to. If you want to get your percentage back to 100, just make sure you hit 2 or more people with the same punch. Wait until they crowd aorund you or aim at people kissing, hugging, fighting, etc.

* Kicks: same as above, only harder, Start a group fight and aim at someone, punch him until he falls, then kick him. Luckily some of your kicks will hit other fighters.

* Grabs: NEVER fail a grab, AFIK there's no way to grab two people at one. Anyways, the game doesn't force you to miss a grab.

* Melee weapon attacks: same as punches, only harder.

* Stink bombs, firecrackers, bottlerockets, and similars. Make sure you hit several people with one of those. You'll have way more hits than shots fired.

* Spud gun, slingshot (super and regular): NEVER miss a shot because AFAIK there's no way to hit two people at once. You'll need to use the super slingshots to hit some targets in the game, like pumpkins above ground level and (the hardest), Ernest boss fight. In such cases, just go fully equiped with bottle rockets and fire crakers and aim at those. With firecrackers, hold tem in your hand for a second before sending them. One firecracker can destroy three targets at once during Ernest fight.

* Marbles. Trip more people than the #s of Marbles you've used and you'll be fine. ONE PROBLEM, though. During "The Big Game" mission, the game seems to register you've slipped on three marbles, when in fact it happened on a cutscene with NPCs. A glitch, for sure. Does someone know a way around this?

* Food items/ snowballs thrown: NEVER miss one of those. You can never hit more than 1 people at once.

* Projects fired. Here's my biggest discovery. Play Future Racer (not 3D) and shoot lots and lots of cars. The game counts that as hits, but doesn't register you've fired. You'll make up for any missed projectiles.

* Eggs thown. HERE'S A PROBLEM It seems that you can never hit more than two people with an egg. And unluckily, one of the errands require you to hit 15 eggs in a wall. Walls aren't counted as targets and that sucks for me. No matter what I do I'm stuck at 15 missed eggs. I discovered that a car being driven counts as a target, while an empty car doesn't. I concluded that the game accounts for # of people inside the vehicle, so any vehicle with a passanger would do. But the problem is that every inhabitant of this game is a misantropic lonely bastard. All cars have only one person inside.

Can someone provide insight about this? Did it benefiit anyone? I hope to have helped you. If there's anything you guys want to ask about statistics, i'm here.

I'm posting this on all Bully boards, since all are considerably slow.
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