Is this the best version of this game?

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  3. Is this the best version of this game?

User Info: lostfan132

5 years ago#1
I have a PS2, Wii and 360 and suprisingly this is one of the only Rockstar Games i never played. Is the 360 version the best one?

User Info: VividAxis

5 years ago#2
I'd say yes because I prefer a the 360 controller but I did have issues with changing the camera angle while I was walking. I don't know if that problem is only on the 360 version or not. But it was a small problem and didn't effect the gameplay very much. I'm just accustomed to being able to look around easily while I run. Did they even have the extra Scholarship stuff on the PS2 version? Either way you won't regret getting this game. Take your time and enjoy it. I skipped it until recently too. I thought it would be stupid but it's a lot of fun.

User Info: DarthVader561

5 years ago#3
More content
So yes

User Info: RARusk

5 years ago#4
Yes and no.

More content and better graphics.

Released way too early and is very glitchy. The most problematic is the random crashing (which can be fixed by hard drive/flash drive install and obtaining the patch and installing on same device).

Achievements are also glitched but all can still be obtained. Some errands are also glitched but you can still get them to appear by doing specific things. One errand is completely broken and will never appear at all (thankfully the 100% Completion requirements are flexible otherwise this game might've been pulled from shelves).

These problems make this version one of the most disappointing titles in my collection. My guide for this game resembles more of a bug report than an actual guide.
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  3. Is this the best version of this game?

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