Just bought it - control problems

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User Info: MrPanama

4 years ago#1
Looking back through these boards I found a couple of posts where people were having problems with controls.Namely that you can't jog when the camera is directly behind you.

I bought this off xbla yesterday and despite there being a patch, I'm having this problem as well. It makes the game unplayable. I have tried several controllers but can't get the game playing properly.

Did anyone here have this problem and eventually find a fix? Thanks.

User Info: stapler87

4 years ago#2
I've never encountered this problem myself, but I have heard about it before.

You've probably already done this but try clearing your cache (or performing system maintenance or whatever) and download the patch again. My only other recommendation would be to delete the game from your harddrive and redownload it. No guarantees, but may be worth a shot.
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  3. Just bought it - control problems

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