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User Info: Penguim55

5 years ago#1
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Snoozysam (English Translation)

17/10/2011 - Project Announcement
There has been much debate within this project about when is the right time to make this announcement would be--is there even a right time?
We couldn't really answer that, however we thought now is as good a time as any: when we have progress to show and are happy to invite help!
So, with that I am happy to announce a project: a full-game translation patch for Tales of Rebirth (PS2 and PSP).

The project really began in 2010, when it escalated into a full team of hackers, translators, editors and any other roles you can think of!
We're all happy with the progress made, but there is still much left to do, so although this post is an announcement of the project you can think of it as an advertisement for help.
We are looking for someone with adequate skills of translating Japanese to English. Do you fit that criteria and have an interest in joining our team as a translator? Drop me a personal message on this forum and we'll talk some more.

Questions and Answers
Q: Will this be a full or menu patch?
A: Full. Everything will be translated from the menus to the skits to the main story dialogue.

Q: Will this be for the PS2 or the PSP?
A: Both. The screenshots you see are for the PS2, but this is by my choice. The PS2 version is also further along than the PSP as there are more problems with the latter.

Q: Will there be "version patches"?
A: No. We feel that the patch will be best enjoyed when you're playing it in its complete form. I'm sure this will upset some of you, but it's better in the long run.

Q: What is the release date?
A: The game will be released on the date when we've completely finished everything. As of the start of this project, no release date exists.

Q: Have you butchered the names of Annie's spells?
A: The core theme of "Regen" ("Rain") remains. The only changes have been the 'engrishy' words depicting the type of Regen, for example "Shave Regen" is now "Shearing Regen".

Some images

Will this go ahead? I hope yes.
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  3. An english translation has been announced

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