QUESTION! Playable Characters?

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User Info: Jeg_er_en_varg

9 years ago#1
List 'em! Thank you.
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User Info: Etherealist

9 years ago#2


Temporary- never permanently join

Temporary- Join at end of game

Monsters are not playable.
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User Info: Master_Lynk

9 years ago#3
I thought you could capture monsters? Why can't you just get the full cast instead of having to be Emil who wears what looks like a dress.

User Info: memnarch6

9 years ago#4
Capturing a monster does not allow you to play as it. You can equip it with accessories and give them spellbooks for various techs, but you cannot play the actual creature; it's pretty much an AI-controlled ally.

At least the old Symphonia members can be controlled in battle. I have some Shining Bind spam to get to, if you'll excuse me.
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