GoD I HOPE THEY SHELVE THIS! (unrevised rant)

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User Info: leeisgod

8 years ago#1
first and full most i love heroes.

but i hope they dont release this, i hate games based on films and tv, they are always rushed and majority restricted.

look at the lost game (lost is my favourite show ever), on paper it could have been an amazing game, but it was rushed, unoriginal and the story line was a joke. they added a new character which instantly made sure it wasn't in cannon and that defeats the object of a good tv show based game.

With heroes it could be different, as there is way more room to add new characters, but the likeliness is that they will add a new character and mix him with the existing ones, 50% of who will not have the proper voice actors, due too budget and the actors already leaving.

the gameplay will not be hugely original, id imagine they'd make a spiderman style sandbox game, which has been proven to be a train wreak unless your GTA.

the story will be uncannon (even if they make you play as an existing character) as we already know what happens to the characters, and as the show is still filming and airing there's too much room to change.

i could go on and on with this rant, i just really don't want them to waste peoples money on what will most likely be a massively naff game.

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User Info: cleggy7

8 years ago#2
as this game is obviously not coming out, do you think we should use this board for talking about the T.V show?
MGO: cleggy7 PSN: cleggy1961
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  3. GoD I HOPE THEY SHELVE THIS! (unrevised rant)

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