This game is too good....

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User Info: JohnVastola

9 years ago#1
Hey I got a beta version of this game and it rocks so much. The lasers are the best part.

Buy it for sure.

User Info: Legolas5131

9 years ago#2
I also managed to get my hands on one of the Beta versions., and I gotta say, this is quite possibly goty material. And the final version is supposed to be even better. This is a must buy...I'd buy a DS, no ten DS systems if only for the promise of playing this game...

Oh yeah, the lasers WERE pretty cool however, I think the amazing cop chase at the end had to be the best part...dude, there were explosion left and right!

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User Info: eddiewells123

9 years ago#3
I agree with GOTY, but my favorite part of the game was towards the middle with the courtroom brawl.

User Info: ffshaneomac

9 years ago#4
you guys must of forgot that part where you climb on a missile...thats moving...with other missiles coming at you...this game is intense.

GOTY no doubt
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User Info: MuffinMan7

9 years ago#5
This game was too good for my unworthy hands, I decided to abandon my religion and worship this game for my life

User Info: therock1984

9 years ago#6
I won a fight to the death to play the beta

It was 100% worth it. The zoo started off slow but once you rode that Lion through the food court oh ma gawd..
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User Info: Neoyaku2

9 years ago#7
Super Babyz?!!

Pre-Ordered, in full.
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User Info: Seithri

9 years ago#8
omfg.. i got the beta too..

theres sex, bears, and car jackings..

all at once!!
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User Info: coocoo4cocopops

9 years ago#9
Speaking of car jackings my favourite part was when you got to smash lots of cars with a hammer using the stylus, and, the flamethrowers I love'd that part too, shooting cops trying to get you EVERYWHERE and watching them run around trying to cool down.
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User Info: BanjoPaste

9 years ago#10
Mark your spoilers. :(
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