Buyer's Remorse

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User Info: Pokarot

9 years ago#1
Not for this game, oh no, I'm super excited about it. I bought Bratz: Babyz when it first came out. I foolishly thought that this would be THE defining Babyz game evars but now they are releasing Super Babyz. I feel like I've wasted all my time with Babyz when I could have been practicing for Super Babyz.
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User Info: XMonkeySniperX

9 years ago#2
I totally agree dude.
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User Info: jshark2000

9 years ago#3
Like when I bought a NES, and like, ten years later a SUPER NES came out. WTF??!
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User Info: cyber m2

cyber m2
9 years ago#4
Yeah who needs 3D games, checkers is all we need for indoor gaming.
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User Info: Ponderstick

9 years ago#5
So after Super Babyz, there's going to be Babyz 64?

Then Babyzcube?

Then WiiBabyz?

And somewhere in between all those GameBabyz Color, GameBabyz Advanced, Game Babyz Advanced Sp and Babyz DS?
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User Info: CephalicTrauma

9 years ago#6
^^^ Dude you forgot The Virtual babyz...remember the one where if you played it for more than an hour your eye sight would be messed up because it couldnt comprehend all of the Babyz Awesomness it was recieving all at once.
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