how to make an exodia deck

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User Info: neos_rules

9 years ago#1
first of all i created this topic to help all to build the powerful exodia deck that has been known as: "the heart of exodia"
and to thank all my friends that help me make it like MIKESSJpart3.

1-first step: lose ten times to a any player

2-then go to the shop and go to the card corner and u will see there dorthy or sadie when she ask u say yes then u go to pack select screen choose the pack named good ol days

3-you must continue buying that pack till u have all exodia parts

4-you must have all these cards in audition to make the exodia deck

all parts of exodia x1
exodia necross x2
contract with exodia x2
dark factory of mass proudection x3
magic cliynder x3
chainsaw insect x1
wabakou x1
wall of illusions x3
sakuretsu armor x3
shrink x3
sangan x1
thunder of ruler x3
pot of greed x1
heart of the underdog x3
sowrds of revealing light x3
nightmare steelcage x3

thats all for now enjoy!

User Info: MikeSSJ part 3

MikeSSJ part 3
9 years ago#2
If you're using "Heart of the Underdog", you should really cut down on the spell and trap-cards, and add more non-effect monsters, since with only the five Exodia-pieces in there, "Heart of the Underdog" becomes pretty useless.
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User Info: da_j885

9 years ago#3
I never thought that "powerful" exodia decks would have Necross and Contract w/ Exodia. Also, since most cards are for stalls, why not just put in searchers (like Emissary of the Afterlife) and more draw card from your deck rather than stuff like Chainsaw Insect w/c lets your opponent draw?

Also, you forgot to mention that you have to lose 10 times in a row to unlock that pack (something which I find hard to do even near the beginning, unless I really do it on purpose)

Finally, please type them properly. Most names are misspelled.

dark factory of mass proudection x3

It's production

magic cliynder x3

It's cylinder

sowrds of revealing light x3

It's swords

User Info: neos_rules

9 years ago#4
i want to let u know da_j885 that i put the chainsaw insect in the deck cuz its an impossible to choose it as an attack target and cuz it have 4 stars and 2400/atk points
and i put into my to have enough time to draw all pieces of exodia not to attack and use its effect beside if i attacked and used its effect maybe he/her will draw a card that can destroy my monster

another thing i want to apologys about all my grammer mistakes

User Info: RedZtehWARRIOR

9 years ago#5
If all u were tryin to do was pull out exodia, i got an idea. i used this deck on Spirit Caller, and it was pretty decent. not gonna out out all the details, but the deck was mainly normal monsters, mainly defenders with some ATK monsters. then, i used good ol' "Heart of the Underdog" to keep drawin them. Of course, i had the pieces of exodia in that deck. added some cards to block opponents attack, like Level Limit, Gravity Bind, and the like
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User Info: simjo

9 years ago#6
I like this combo: two or three appropriate, face-up defense position D Hero Defenders. Each D Hero Defender lets your opponent draw a card during her standb phrase, and each appropriate lets you draw two cards each time your opponent draw a card outside her draw phrase. With two appropriate and two D Hero Defenders, you get to draw 4 additional cards each turn. If you can get three appropriate and three D Hero Defenders, that's 18 more cards per turn. Use Gravity bind or level limit B so that the defenders survive for a long time helps, too.

User Info: N16H7M4RE

9 years ago#7
how about this Exodia deck :

Left arm of the forbidden one
Left leg of the forbidden one
Right arm of the forbidden one
Right leg of the forbidden one

Exodia the forbidden one
Mystic Tomato
Mystic Tomato
Mystic Tomato
Penguin soldier
Penguin soldier
Penguin soldier
Magician of faith
Magician of faith
Magician of faith
Cannon soldier
Witch of the black forest

Magic Cards

Pot of greed
Graceful Charity
Upstart goblin
Painful choice
Monster reborn
Premature burial
The Shallow grave
Dark Hole
Harpies feather duster
Swords of revealing light

Trap Cards

Jar of greed
Jar of greed
Jar of greed
Mirror force
Magic Cylinder
Call of the haunted
Backup soldier
Backup soldier
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User Info: da_j885

9 years ago#8
... I'd suggest something for stalling purposes like Spirit Reaper, Marshmallon, Grav Bind, Level Limit Area B, etc.. Even with some banned cards in that deck, you're going to take some damage before you actually use them. And most of your monsters will die from one attack, so it's just a few turn, and your opponent's monsters outnumber you while your only protection are Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder which can be Stormed, or MSTed.

Also, neos_rules, if the AI were was intelligent Chainsaw Insect would still be easy kill (hammer shot, sacrifice DD monsters, Windstorm of Etaqua). If you want something to protect you while you get Exodia's broken body, try stall cards. Spirit Reaper and Marshmallon are limited for a reason and so are Level Limit Area-B and Grav Bind, so they should be good. If you're just afraid that it will be just Crossed Out, then put in some anti-spells. You can also put in 3 Nimble Momongas there. They heal and call out one another in case one dies. Also, put in some monster removal just in case of certain stuff like your opponent being able to wipe your field and having as uber powerful monster. And remember to keep Necross and Contract with Exodia in your trunk, not deck. You're trying to win via Exodia, not showing your opponent garbage at the cost of a win which should've happened sooner.

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