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User Info: Babybash16

9 years ago#1

Im Wondering If Anybody Has A good e Heroes deck that you could post

because everytime i duel the only cards i draw are cards that need sacrifices and spells and traps

i need help

User Info: da_j885

9 years ago#2
I'm not super good with making E-hero decks but, I'll try (basing it from what they call a decent E-hero deck build; not Big City deck).

Monster (22):
Sparkman x3
Wildheart x3
Clayman x3
Giant Rat x3
The Earth-Hex Sealed Fusion x3
King of the Swamp x3
DD Warrior Lady

Spell (14):
Poly x3
Miracle Fusion x3
E-emergancy Call or Reinforcement of the Army x3
Heavy Storm
H-heat heart
Dark Hole
Premature Burial

Trap (4):
Torrential Tribute
Call of the Haunted
Magic Drain or Jammer (which ever you like)
Saku x2

All Sparkman Fusions
All Wildheart Fusions

Note: You can add a CyDra. But if you do, switch The Earth for The Light and add Cyber Twin.

If I'm right, the strategy for this is thinning your deck quickly to get the card you need (that is something to fuse). Rat is for searching for The Earth, Clayman and Wildheart to thin your deck ASAP.E-emergancy Call/RotA is for getting Sparkman. King of the Swamp serves 2 purposes: thin your deck to get Poly and using him as fusion sub. If you add CyDra, you can use The Light to special summon Cyber Twin.

Also, the reason why only Sparkman, Wildheart and Clayman are there is they are the best low level E-heroes in the game (in real life, it will include Stratos). Bubble, Burst and Avian have low ATK and DEF, making them easy kill for your opponent. Sparkman Wildheart and Clayman have high enough ATK or DEF to survive a bit and kill something without Skyscraper.

User Info: shadow_665

9 years ago#3
Or tey this

MONSTERS 25 cards

Sparkman x2
Bubbleman x2
Clayman x3
Burstinatrix x2
Avian x2
Bladedge x1
Wildheart x3
The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion x2
Winged Kuriboh x2
Winged Kuriboh Lv 10 x1
Sangan x2
King of the Swamp x2

Hero Signal x2
Skyscraper x2
Clocktower Prison x1
Miracle Fusion x2
Future Fusion x1
Polymerization x2
Magic Jammer x2( you'll definitely want this)
Magic Cylinder x1
Transcendent Wings x1
Warrior Returning Alive x2
Emergency Provisions x1
Fusion Sage x2
Bubble Blaster x1
Boomerang(the one to power up wildheart) x2

Addional but recommended:

Nobleman of Crossout
Dark Mirror Force
Dark Hole

For fusion deck choose whichever card you want
When light falls, darkness shall seep. Let darkness wash away your sins.. Join me and revel in power

User Info: da_j885

9 years ago#4
You do realize that cards like Boomerang and Bubble Blaster just slows down your deck, and can let you draw something you may not need.
Also, E-hero deck does not necessarily mean Judai deck (so you don't really need Winged Kuriboh) and what's the purpose of Clock Tower Prison? It's for D-heroes. E-heroes can don't need it as you can easily pop out a strong monster (fusion) unlike D-heroes whose ATK and DEF can get them easily killed.

Finally, I forgot Future Fusion, so add that to the deck I've posted.

User Info: shadow_665

9 years ago#5
Clock Tower Prison-after 4 counters are placed on it, no battle damage is received anymore
so it's effective in fighting duelists like Zane where you have to stall for a while to get the cards necessary for the fusion

Blaster and Boomerang-blaster helps to keep Bubbleman alive as the blaster replaces Bubbleman as the destroyed card. Boomerang helps to make make Wildheart survive as the attack now becomes 2000 instead of 1500
When light falls, darkness shall seep. Let darkness wash away your sins.. Join me and revel in power

User Info: PenOfStone

9 years ago#6
shadow_665, just give up.

Sangan is restricted to 1
All equipment cards except for a few suck.

Since this game's ban list sucks, use Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, and Delinquent Duo

Only E-Heroes you need are- Stratos, Sparkman, Clayman, and Wildheart.

Use 3 Miracle Fusion.

Add staples.

No Mirror Force? No Call of the Haunted? No Mystical Space Typhoon? What are you thinking?

Poly is not really needed.

This is not a Jaden deck. Winged Kuriboh is a horrible idea in E-Hero Decks.

Dude, add Cyber Dragons. Easy to summon, and powerful too! If you want, add Thunder Dragons, but it is just a 2800 ATK Beatstick with no effect.

...Shadow, I give up. At least da_j885 has SOME clue how to play. Give him credit. Also, quit making excuses to save face. Although I can't really blame ya though. GG.

Skyscraper is junk. Skyscraper 2 is better for Big City decks.

You also have a lot of painfully obvious mistakes...

Don't look at this Siggy!

User Info: shadow_665

9 years ago#7
How can you put both Graceful Charity AND Mirror Force in the same deck when both of them are banned cards?
When light falls, darkness shall seep. Let darkness wash away your sins.. Join me and revel in power

User Info: shadow_665

9 years ago#8
And btw, PenOfStone, Stratos isn't in this game! So before posting, make sure you know which cards are banned and are not in this game
When light falls, darkness shall seep. Let darkness wash away your sins.. Join me and revel in power

User Info: KyoshiroMibu

9 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: da_j885

9 years ago#10
... Anyone can just go to the message board of a more..... competitive YGO game (usually the latest game released and does not have to do much with the anime) to know what decks are good. However, you might need to change some cards. If so, make sure to put in good replacements.

Just an advice to some people.

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