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User Info: game_maniac13

8 years ago#1
I just able to use the lab... people always talk about card rental but nobody seem interesting in card converter.. Why? is it because converting the card is not worthy? I try converting some of my card but all i get just 3 weak and useless card.. Is there anyway i can do to get more powerful card with card converter?

User Info: pikapika212

8 years ago#2
Look at yugioh tag force faq on convertor list. It has a list of cards of what you get. Although the faq is not complete, I believe its missing some cards on the list but w/e....
Patience is a virtue, and thats why we all hate it!!!!

User Info: game_maniac13

8 years ago#3
Oh... Thanks a lot. Can u tell me what will happen if my relation with jaden has reached 7 hearts? He kept talking about being my partner.. Is this mean i can now choose him as my partner for part 1? I try to reach 8 hearts but the last one seem to fill very slow.. Any idea to help me fill the last one quickly?

User Info: oh_hell_naw

8 years ago#4
the last one does take quite some time and yes you are now his partner, you can try to get them all to 8, it is possible and if you do it right you can also obtain all their booster packs

User Info: game_maniac13

8 years ago#5
Oh.. How about if i give him the golden egg sandwitch? Does it help to fill the last heart fast? And after receiving bandana,hat and barette from me... Blair ran away from his room.. I know that i should find him but where and when i have to find him? Please somebody tell me what i should do?

User Info: FinalGamer877

8 years ago#6
Go outside your room at 08.00. go to the left. you should be able to see blair. And if you already beat the game once, you can get blair as your partner.

User Info: nancywannabee

8 years ago#7
Don't waste your golden egg on last heart doesn't work but on 1st 7 hearts.

User Info: TimePS2

8 years ago#8
Cheek the PSP version of this game there FAQ is complete for this.

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