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User Info: Hollowichigo790

7 years ago#1

How do I get a tag partner for the tag duel tournament?

User Info: TimePS2

7 years ago#2

now just find the food guide

mabey its written in the games Computer in your room
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User Info: levelmaster2

7 years ago#3
Look at the character's profile and it will tell you 3 things:
1. His or hers heart gauge
2. His or hers deck description
3. Food likes and dislikes
Get the character you want to 7 hearts and talk to him or her. If you want a free card go to 8 hearts. Need to do this with Chumley and Bastion for special cards only available through them.
Unless you are like me and love going through Part 1 over and over again, try to get all them in one go. Chazz you need to wait till after School Duel between your school and North Academy.
Get Golden Egg sandwiches, only once a day, to everybody for a full heart. When you give a sandwich to someone, you will hear a sound depending if he or she likes the sound. When you no longer hear the sound, wait till they change location and talk to him or her first and then rinse and repeat.
Does this help?
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