How I know what sandwich the character likes?

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  3. How I know what sandwich the character likes?

User Info: __Arthur__

6 years ago#1
I just saw this on data base,select the character and press X,a short bio will show.

The last paragraph show what he likes,Jaden like everything,but he really likes peppers(the bio didnt show,but he liked the phantom pepper and hot pepper.)

Syrus like garlic sandwich

Chumley is vegetarian I think,but he likes salmon

Alexis like healthy or other female-taste sandwichs,and you can see what is just put the cursor on the sandwich and read the description:so,she likes Chestnut,Chocolate,Jam and I think Grapplefruit too.

I looking for more details too.

And can somone help me how we can do good talks on the NPCs?I can only know when we talk to another one a rumor

Syrus:Rumors huh?I heard that Jaden wants to talk about Duel

if you talk to jaden on the same time(Evening,noon or Morning) he will do a blushed face and you get a excellent talk(which is better then okay and good,when is good,just show a happy face)

Of course,The rumors are random,so try to get as much as you can to know what the wants-to-be-my-partner likes.

And I want to know how to talk to Priceton,he wont talk to me,so I really want to kick his butt on duel.

If you want a Slifer Red as a partner,Jaden is somewhat easy and hard to get.

Jaden:he likes everything to eat,he likes to talk about duels(but its not all the time),the hardest part iis if you a beginner,you WILL have a hard time to beat him on duels(which helps increasing the heart) and don`t be surprised if he uses a Fusion on the first phase.

User Info: ThorFolklore

6 years ago#2
There is a thread somewhere in this board with the sandwich preferences of all the characters. Go and search for it. Your question has already been answered.

About talking, try to get Pharoah with you whenever you talk to the NPCs. That will guarantee you an excellent talk, regardless of what option you choose (except the 4th option). NEVER choose the 4th option. For more details on my explanation, look at this board's archived topics. There is also a thread here that answers your question on talking.

Chazz Princeton won't talk or duel you at all no matter how many times you try. You can only talk and duel with him after a certain event (I can't remember exactly what it is now but I think it's when he gets demoted to Slifer Red). The thread on this here board that answers your question about sandwich preferences will also answer this question.

And Jaden isn't the hardest NPC to get as partner. Rather, he's the EASIEST. He will eat any sandwich and show a good reaction to it, his Elemental Hero starter deck is really crappy and if he really does summon a Fusion monster in the first turn, so what??? Just use a spell like Dark Hole or Special Hurricane to counter it!

Chazz is the HARDEST character to get. He's only available to you after midway of the game, so you'll have to pay attention to him and constantly try to raise his heart level in order to be able to recruit him as your teammate before Part 3 begins. There's also a limit to the amount of heart level that you can raise per day. The thread with sandwich preferences within this board will help you with that.

Personally, I got Jaden first. In fact, he's the only Page 1 character that I recruited, simply because he was the easiest! I'm not bothering with the rest of them because the Page 2 and Page 3 characters use much more interesting decks, IMO. I'm very eager to tag team with Jinzo, for example, and see how well I can synergise with his deck. I just need 60000 DP to do that first, darn it...

User Info: __Arthur__

6 years ago#3
I actually like the idea of the actual-rules on this game,differently from duelists of roses.

But sometimes can be boring how time consuming is getting all the cards,I thinking of make some good decks.

One thing i hate on this game most:the music

GAWD!!!its ridiculous.

If you played on GBA and played Yu gi oh GX duel academy,some events have really good music(like you first time fighting against Zane or Demitri with his yugi deck)

And the music is WAY better than this game,really.

Altough the new search tool for tag force is good for making decks,I saw the Duel academy(from gba) way faster,instead of seeng 3 cards,I can only need to see 3xcards.

I think its ridiculous for me to compare a GBA game with a PS2,but quite frankly,the GBA one did a really good job,surprisingly,and ps2 is nothing more of from PSP-to-Ps2(with no reason why they didn't made TAG force 2 and 3 to Ps2)

Also,how many cards are in total?

User Info: ThorFolklore

6 years ago#4
There are around 2400 cards in this game in total and you're right, this is a direct port from the PSP to the PS2. The only extra is if you connect a PSP with TF1 to the PS2 with TF1, you get a bonus 10,000 DP and 4 exclusive cards that are impossible to find in-game.
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