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User Info: Bloodewraith

8 years ago#1
Defiantly needs to be the next Lego game.

User Info: anonamoses

8 years ago#2
totaly. nuff said
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User Info: datonz

8 years ago#3
Lego Simpsons
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User Info: furmuma

8 years ago#4
^ Never thought of that. Lego Simpsons would be badass.
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User Info: BroncoFan85

8 years ago#5
Lego Tron would be awesome, but the other games had 3 movies to work with each, as opposed to only one Tron.

User Info: BitterMan23

8 years ago#6
3 movies, eh?

Lego Evil Dead
Lego Scream
Lego Godfather
Lego Candyman
Lego Matrix (actually...)
Lego I Know What You Did Last Summer
Lego Oceans 11
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User Info: JEDIJT76

8 years ago#7
Lego Back to the future trilogy!!

User Info: TheRedStar

8 years ago#8
LEGO Spiderman
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User Info: NeoBahamut_Zero

8 years ago#9
YES! I was just thinking last night there should be a new Back to the Future game, and a Lego game would be perfect!
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User Info: BitterMan23

8 years ago#10
lego star trek might be cool too... wealth of material to go from (even more than star wars).

but really, i just want a new one. i'm not a big fan of indiana jones or star wars, still love the games. unless it was like, lego jonas brothers or something, i'm sure i'd enjoy whatever property they used.
ROCK BAND WISH LIST: Meat Loaf, Luna Halo, Hinder, Alice Cooper, Ludo, and more Shinedown!

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