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The Waterfall cave

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User Info: Zero_Reborn

8 years ago#1
I'm trying to recruit the lady's husband for my town but hes in the second level below which is blocked by water. How do i get the water out of the way to reach the stairs?
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User Info: VeghEsther

8 years ago#2
minor spoilers:-
First enter the town via the NW continent of the map at night and you will see what looks like a entrance to this same cave. Then search this spot inside this town during the day time for a karstaway stone.

Then use this stone via the Waterfall Caves entrance in order to continue further.

User Info: Zero_Reborn

8 years ago#3
Whats the town called?
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User Info: yab

8 years ago#4

User Info: TheGuidingLight

8 years ago#5
Dunplundrin is in the western most island (between Zalenagrad and Mamon)

It's basically right in the middle rather than NW
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