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User Info: sephirosuy

9 years ago#1
FF XII - RW Walkthrough coming soon:

User Info: NecroZerumurk

9 years ago#2
Still meh.

User Info: exodus2020

9 years ago#3
Actually, I am rather enjoying these pics. I hope this along with DQ4 and DQ6 comes to the DS in the USA.

We need more DQ games. FF is getting so old.
-Videogames are interactive books, therefore, videogames > books.

User Info: TheWayofPie

9 years ago#4
FF getting OLD? Not trying to troll but, I wouldn't be saying that if you're a fan of Dragon Quest, a series that's barely changed.
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User Info: exodus2020

9 years ago#5
Ok... let me rephrase that then Mr Technical. I am sick of seeing Final Fantasy after Final fantasy game. And even then seeing remakes of those games. Square Enix needs to stop milking the Final Fantasy name and bring over more DQ games. We don't have enough DQ games here in the states.
There.. is that better...??
-Videogames are interactive books, therefore, videogames > books.

User Info: sephirosuy

9 years ago#6
DQ normally focus in Japanese market, so that might be the reason FF is everywhere but not DQ. Before Square merge with Enix, some western gamers don't even know the DQ. Sad, Enix side doesn't really care of the western market since their DQ helps them earn enough from the Japan/Asia market. Btw, DQ product is now coming often than before, good news for DQ fans isn't it?
FF XII - RW Walkthrough coming soon:

User Info: Gwelenguchenkus

9 years ago#7
Actually, they 'said' that they did care about the western market and were going to expand on it. It was never a matter of not caring with Enix, it wsa just plain bad luck with awful marketing and release times.
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User Info: SirJanyse

9 years ago#8
But FF is getting old with its post-apocalyptic society's ruled by madmen and corporations who want to "omg destroy the world" who are thwarted by a group of semi-determined angsty supermodel teens with zero weapon proficiency.

Plus the worlds are grayer than an Ayn Rand wet dream.
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