I'm stuck at the place with 4 buttons with the changing pictures. SPOILERS

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  3. I'm stuck at the place with 4 buttons with the changing pictures. SPOILERS

User Info: The_Mod_Is_Fair

6 years ago#1
I'm at a place that has 4 buttons. Whenever I step on one, its shape changes. It has a star, a heart, a lightning bolt, and a few other things. I can't figure out the pattern. Could someone please tell me the answer?

User Info: SlimeStack

6 years ago#2
They represent the legendary relics.

Left - Sword - Lightning Bolt
Right - Shield - Cross
Top - Helmet - Sun
Bottom - Armour - Heart
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User Info: The_Mod_Is_Fair

6 years ago#3
Thank you.

User Info: _Unowninator_

6 years ago#4
Say, how would someone figure out the order of shapes? I mean, I knew which shapes I was supposed to use; I just didn't know where they were placed. I had to use trial and error to find out.
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User Info: Tiael

6 years ago#5
Head and armor probably obvious, and just interchange the sword and shield.
Though I think I re-call someone mentioning the directions and which one goes where.
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User Info: darkshadowspawn

6 years ago#6
I read on another topic that 'Peeping' at the item in question would give you the markings as well...
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User Info: LyraOrpheo

6 years ago#7
The game's pretty vague on this, I knew about it because I played this game a couple times in the past but I tried to play the DS version pretending it was my first time to squeeze a bit more juice out of it.

You kind of get the information you seek by talking to the dude on a shrine west of Gandino surrounded by rocks, he gives a hint, the other was to Peep on the equipment and see the symbol on each piece and use the hint to see which piece of equipment belongs to which symbol, though with the shield and sword you do have to identify through trial and error if its based on a right-handed or left-handed person. The Mole in Longadeseo (forgot DS name for town, Torcana I think?) also gives you a hint though its unlikely you'd go back to talk to him after he gave you the info you needed.

The problem's that I dont recall the game mentioning an objective on WHY you needed to get Legendary items. Common sense dictates oh so im fighting evil so I need the best items possible but starting the defeat of Murdaw the game's storyline's more now about finding yourself and doing whatever you wish, defeating Jamirus and Glacos not cause you're actively hunting "dread fiends" (lol) but because they crossed your path, it makes the story of this game to me seem similar to One Piece, where the protagonists aren't there actively fighting the big bad evil, they're just going on their own adventure and fighting the obstacles in their way to move forward. Thats also I believe part of the appeal in DQ5 which has a similar "adventure" motivation.

There's also no mention of Cloudsgate Citadel, surprised me when I got to the shrine (the game also doesnt points 'oh your journey points to this geographical location out of the others unexplored') and in party chat they were talking about it and how the place's the key to ge there was this shrine. Makes me wonder what I overlooked.
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  3. I'm stuck at the place with 4 buttons with the changing pictures. SPOILERS

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