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User Info: CompassGoddess

9 years ago#1
I am looking for a game to buy, and I absolutely LOVE doctor who. I want to know if this game is any good, because I saw it in a shop, and it just looked like a game of Doctor Who top trumps. Should I get it?

Also is there any other games that a Doctor who lover like me should buy?

User Info: threetimes

9 years ago#2
I enjoyed it, though it is short. I know other Doctor Who fans who thought the same, but obviously there is at least someone who hated it, and gave it 1/10 in their review. So long as you know what to expect and are not starting from the point of view that it should have been an adventure game for example, then it's fun.

Also I have seen some other Top Trumps games and this is much better than those.
But young firm MEAT is something I can REALLY sink my teeth into!
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