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User Info: Dr-No

8 years ago#1

I just started playing up again with a lvl 49 human warrior. When I quit there was only the original. So with the new races and i think theres a new class. Im not sure if i wanna start up with the warrior again. Is the game balanced? Are there better classes than others or race/ class thats best? Thanks!

User Info: Syrisrodello187

8 years ago#2
The Burning Crusades brings you Silvermoon City, The Blood Elves, (horde) The Exodus and The Dranei. (alliance) Wrath Of the Lich King brings you the Death Knight that starts at lvl 55. (must have lvl 50 character on any server)

As for best class, I would have to say a hunter or a paladin in my opinion. the Death Knight is a class available to all races, and not all that it's cracked up to be.
Syris D. Rodello

User Info: L8erSquare

8 years ago#3

Role a Druid and you'll have a hard time trying to enjoy playing with any other class.

User Info: Stabbyking

8 years ago#4
I would argue that Paladins and Death Knights are the best classes. Death Knights are hell fun to play, they level very fast and do insane dps. Paladins with the new patches and stuff can also do lots of dps and they just never die. xD If I were you, I would roll one of these two.
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User Info: Theempire30

8 years ago#5

If you want to wipe the enemy roll a paladin. They are simple amazing, they can, buffs, heal, DPS, and can tank.

User Info: Wind_Phoenix

8 years ago#6
a Paladin would be a great choice. As they said before, tank, heal and buffs. With the patch released yesterday it even becomes easier, as you can set two talent trees up, and choose if you want to tank on pve and heal as pvp for example.

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User Info: ryana

8 years ago#7
The only problem with paladins is they take forever to level cuz it boring as #$%# soloing with them

User Info: En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur
8 years ago#8
Not really. Paladins have become very viable solo'ers as just about any spec nowadays (preferably at higher levels, every class sucks to level at low levels anyway).

Paladins used to be exceptionally boring to play, now they are fine.
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User Info: Aaryk

8 years ago#9
I actually just started WoW a couple weeks ago, first character was a hunter and it was getting kind of boring so I decided to roll a paladin last night, and I'll be damned if he already isn't just 4 levels shy of catching my hunter I rolled two weeks ago. I was actually shocked after all the crap I read about how slow they are to level (solo)...I guess that has more to do with the person sitting at the keyboard than the class themself. At this point, I'd recommend Paladin.
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User Info: Wiaru

8 years ago#10
play a class that interests you. id suggest trying them all to get a feel for your play style.

just, take into consideration that DKs, pallies and hunters are the most played class on most servers (in that order as well at least on my server). which may signal that there is something fun about them, it also may be a turn off for a lot of players.


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