Blood DK as TANK

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User Info: Bravheart95

7 years ago#1
Hi ... i just made this spec for tanking in raids and tanking many mobs ... i like to be the raid's tank =D but is this a good tank build for a blood DK ???
i really need ur opininons and thx xD

User Info: diablo_del_bano

7 years ago#2
I always heard that Frost was for tank, blood was for DPS
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User Info: Bravheart95

7 years ago#3
All three trees can tank but all in different wayz ... Frost have Extremly good armor and unholy have AOE tanking and blood have survivability and self healz so its gr8 for tanking ;) I prefer blood tanking becoz i got used to it a lot and thats my build now

User Info: DutchDoc

7 years ago#4

Shamely in Cata, Blood will be the only tanking spec so if i were you i'd keep it with blood.

Frost will be turned into Raiding 2H DPS/PVP DW DPS i think as you can choose now to put talent points in the 2H talent on the bottom of the frost tree... Sadly the only PvP options are Frost DW and Unholy, since the 2H talent for frost only will make you generate more rune power instead of a damage boost.

Don't know the changes of unholy much though.

User Info: Siela

7 years ago#5

It is as you said. Blood will be the tank spec. As for unholy, it'll probably be the main dps/pvp spec. Not sure on frost but I know that since they buffed it, every dk and their mother has been DW frost for dps. As for Cata, couldn't tell you what they're doing with frost just yet. They may have it around on some other forum.

User Info: Siela

7 years ago#6
Edit: Well, for frost, you already specified what they're doing, so you're probably right on that. That's news to me.

User Info: DeViLzzz

7 years ago#7

don't understand how frost wasn't chosen as main tank spec as it looks like a fire breathing dragon is the final boss of the next expansion ......

User Info: Volrath2099

7 years ago#8

DeViLzzz posted...

don't understand how frost wasn't chosen as main tank spec as it looks like a fire breathing dragon is the final boss of the next expansion ......

Better question is why they Pigeon-holed DK's into one spec considering its a "Hero" class and its entire premise was based on its ability to be viable in any tree.

User Info: Wiaru

7 years ago#9
Because they said it deteriorated gameplay having to balance not just 3 specs, but whatever amount of alternatives there were with the original DK trees: tank for every tree, dps for every tree, pvp for every tree, dw, 2H, etc. Thats at least 9 or 10 specs that need to be considered for balancing/tweaking.

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User Info: daleerin24

7 years ago#10

Check out my DK gear and Build for Awesome Regen blood tanking

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