Horse/Weapon Guide

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User Info: Mekano011888

9 years ago#1
Dynasty Warriors 6

First and foremost there are NO ultimate weapons as there were in previous games, however what this means is that good weapons CAN be extremely easy to get depending on the character, I'll go through all this on this post.


Weapons come in three varieties:

Standard: As each Renbu rank increases so does the range. Decent speed and power, weapon is good damage, but not as usually high as Strength.
Strength: As each Renbu rank increases so does the damage. Renbu increases slower, weapon is usually high damage
Skill: As each Renbu rank increases so does the attack speed. Weapon is usually lower then standard.

Weapons can be awarded for either killing enemy generals or for completing the targets assigned for each specific map. There is also a general on the map who drops a weapon as well.

Fastest way to achieve high-level weapons:

Go to Free-Mode and do the Battle of He Fei Castle (the one before Wu Zhang Plains) on Wei Side, and make sure to do Chaos mode.

P1: Lvl 50 Character (Do your own preference but for fastest time that I have ever, I will put Zhuge Liang).
P2 Any level character, could even be Level 1.
Horses: Must have Find Weapon for both, does not matter other stats, use whichever you would like.

Make sure your weapon has the following statistics, it will make the battle MUCH easier:

Flash/True Musou/Ice Element.

Note: The above is not needed, however it makes life MUCH easier.

Now at the beginning of the stage have Player one run south to Sun Quan's boat, and have player 2 run to the lake in the middle of the map, just south of where the belt trap is sprung, as long as he is on the horse in the lake, he cannot be attacked.

Player one should continue head south, I usually head south east out of the gate, then swing around the mountain, to do a surprise attack at the boat farthest east, then I just charge west towards Sun Quan.

Here is where the Strategies change.

If your character already has a tome no you and it is a AoE attack i.e. fire/volley/rockfall you should just charge Sun Quan now to deal damage, get chains and get your Musou up, this will allow you to deal a lot of damage (make sure you do the musou TOWARDS Sun Quan)

Playing as Zhuge Liang I have killed him just by following this same route, and have gotten high dmg weapons for many characters. However sometimes you just can't help it and he doesn't die before the Musou is over. If this happens run east one boat on the south side and open the jar in the south-east corner to get full health/musou/renbu again and just Musou Sun Quan. If you get a lot of hits on him, you should be able to take him out no problem.

I have ran this countless times and it has worked nearly every time.


If your character does NOT have a tome your gonna have to pick up that item first (the one east of Sun Quan's boat, in the south-east corner). And your gonna have to hope to take Sun Quan out in one Musou. Again, make sure your weapon has flash, ice element, and True Musou can help out as well.

Note: I have gotten very high-dmg weapons, AND because you completed all three targets you get FOUR weapons for each character!

For Lu Bu I got a 100 dmg strength with Balance/Renbu/Flash/True Musou, just to name one.
For Zhuge Liang I got a 95 dmg standard with True Musou/Flash/Balance/Renbu, Ice Element

If you are having problems post and I'll see if I can help you out.

User Info: Mekano011888

9 years ago#2

Horses in this game are RANDOM there is no pre-set drop point for rare horses anymore just as Red Hare, Hex Mark or Shadow Runner. It sucks but we gotta do the Horsey Grind now (as I call it).

The best place to do this is of course the Battle of Guan Du, Wei side on Easy.


Two Characters with Lady Luck skill, Lvl 50 Nice, not required (I use Liu Bei and Yuan Shao)
Both characters riding horses with Find Saddle.

Player One is not going to be doing anything, just standing there, and player two is the one going to have fun.

As soon as the battle begins head west and jump off the cliff. You should see a crate in the forest as soon as you land, the crate is just north of the Guan Du West gate, collect the horse and run north, killing the officer (you want another saddle) and then head north through the river to go to the northern pass in the mountains. Kill Zhen Ji and Cui Yan, again hoping for a saddle and then run North West to ambush Wu Chao.

If you did not get the saddle continue to kill the officers just for the saddle, being level 50 it should be quick and easy. And as soon as you have killed all the officer near by, kill Yuan Shao.

Overall it should take a few minutes each run.

This is the basic grind you are going to have to do to get Rare horses.

I have so far gotten two rare horses using this, the Brown and Black one, and I will keep doing it till I get Red Hare.. I want him so.. haha

Horse Statistics:

Gazes in the distance - Only one attribute will have a good increase on level up
Miss nothing - Two attributes will have a good increase on level up
The world in clarity - Three attributes will have a good increase on level up
Considers the world - All four attributes will have a good increase on level up

Superior Physique - Attributes are high at level 1, Each level up increases stats by a low amount
Well-balance - Attributes are moderate at level 1, Each level up increases stats by a moderate amount
Harbors untold power - Attributes are low at level 1, Each level up increases stats by a high amount
Heavenly physique - Attributes are high at level 1, Each level up increases stats by a high amount

Note that attributes effect what skills you can get at later levels.
IT IS POSSIBLE even though your horse has high attributes he can have ONE skill

From Level 1 to 2: No skills are aquired
From Level 2 to 3: Your horse gains an element (from what I have seen it is random) and the possibility of either Arrow Dance, Gain saddle or Gain Weapon
From Level 3 to 4: Possibly gain either Musou Spirit, or Renbu Gait OR NOTHING
From Level 4 to 5: You will gain a skill with the color of your horse, IF YOUR ATTRIBUTES are all > 485++ You will also gain the skill you missed from 3 to 4!

I have not obtained the Red Hare yet, but i have heard that if you get Red Hare Spirit it will look like the Red Hare, can anyone verify?

Brown Horse Special Skill: Can charge through regardless of enemy type
Black Horse: Damage from charging through enemies is increased
Deerish Horse: Damage Increase from Shockwave
Dark Black Horse: Won't get knocked off Horse (Shadow Spirit?)
White Horse: Swim Speed Increased (Wind Spirit?)
Red Horse: Speed Increase (I.e. Red Hare Spirit?)

Horse Skills:

Arrow Dance: Arrows won't knock you off horse
Gain Saddle: Acquire a horse at end of level
Gain Weapon: Acquire a weapon at end of level
Musou Spirit: Musou increases while riding the horse
Renbu Gait: Renbu does not decrease while riding horse

I believe that is just about it... any questions ask away

User Info: Mekano011888

9 years ago#3
Leveling Up your Horse:

Again the best stage is the Battle of Guan Du, Wei Side on Easy

It really is quite simple, go on a Maxed Lubu, or any character that has the Horseman skill.

Go north killing enemies as you head to Yuan Shao.

You want about 100 kills on the horse, no more, no less, then just head right towards Yuan Shao and complete the stage.

I did this 5 times (all under a few minutes) and got a level 5 horse done.

Note: It does not matter if you kill more then 100, but 100 is what you want for max experience.

User Info: Vaku

9 years ago#4
Thought I'd make a note. Each kill your horse makes gets your horse 20 exp, for each run you can get a cap of 1000 exp. So to reach the cap the bare minimum you must kill while on your horse is 50.
100 is nice, but not necessary.
He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. The only future peace has to offer is war.

User Info: Mekano011888

9 years ago#5
Thanks for pointing that out.. could have sworn it was 100 for later levels (i.e. 4 to 5, 50 doesn't count it) Must have just screwed up somewhere heh.. Thanks though

User Info: Mekano011888

9 years ago#6

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9 years ago#7

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9 years ago#8

User Info: Shorty9970

9 years ago#9
word bump
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User Info: erwin2phatty

9 years ago#10
nice to see someone finally compiled all the info

side note: titles and skills for the Lv.5 consider/heavenly horses are as follows

(could use a legit confirmation for shadow runner / hex mark ones, just picked em up off the board, the rest i've found personally)

Auburn King: Steel Hoof- Able to charge into large crowds
Ebon King: Jagged Hoof- Increases damage inflicted when hitting enemies while running
Dapple King: Winged Hoof- Damages enemies with a shockwave when landing after a high jump
Shadow King(?): Stone Spirit(?)-
Gray King(?): Water Spirit(?)-
Red Hare King: Wind Spirit- Able to run as fast as Red Hare
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