Will there be a Rage 2??

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User Info: Yunthor_HnC

5 years ago#12
zombiehunting84 posted...
After seeing the butthurt over the Mass Effect 3 ending, then seeing the ending for myself. I can safely say that gamers are just a bunch a whiney lil brats that just want a typical basic happy ending every goddamn time. Im planning on getting this soon and im willing to bet the ending wont be bad.

I'd settle for an ending that was an ending. The final level was lackluster (insanely easy for all the buildup), 1 slightly modified version of an existing enemy, a handful of regular troops, a couple with shielding, 1 with armour, and the ending wasn't a cliffhanger - it was a non-ending. You complete your final mission, you see some arks come out of the ground, cut to credits and back to main menu.

The whole thing left me thinking "That's it?" It felt more like I completed a standard mission than finished the game. It doesn't have to be a 'happy' ending, but at least make it an ending of some kind.
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User Info: gameguru2

5 years ago#13
I stopped playing games for stories long ago but every once and awhile, a great story comes along.

Shooters kinda lack a soul anyway because you never see your character, only hands. Storys told in game by watching peoples lips move stinks thanks to half life. Not that HL2 is bad.

User Info: GameMastr5899

5 years ago#14
this game did not actually suffer from the lag to death issues I had from fall out new vegas...

totally solid all the way through..

yes the ending was a bit.. a bit anti climatic.. a "boss" would have been nice but whatever
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User Info: flaire

5 years ago#15
Yeah the game has great mechanics but gets a bit repetitive without a more compelling story or environment.

You get that 'same old, same old' feeling about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through it.
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User Info: BuffaloNY

5 years ago#16
Nobody knows if there will be Rage 2.
So you cant ask it here.
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User Info: iamnamtab

4 years ago#17
Probably not. It wasn't GROUNDBREAKING or AMAZING that much besides graphics, it's really just another game, plus the thing was really tied up with (SPOILERS) all the arks being raised, it's at least 1000 intelligent, strong, etc. people versus an already crippled enemy
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User Info: CockneyRebel27

4 years ago#18
Didn't id create a whole new engine from scratch just for Rage?? That's why there's the pop in and never had the time to create a solid story. To have an ending like that plus a whole brand new engine, plus the marketing they did for Rage...how can there not be a rage 2?????? Can anyone confirm or deny?!?!
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User Info: HAWK327

4 years ago#19
I'd be happy for DLC like they mentioned when they announced Dawnguard for Skyrim. I'd pay 10 dollars for a decent campaign or missions that last 4-5 hours. I really enjoyed this game as much as borderlands. The enemy ai and the graphics are amazing and the movement of the ai is the best I've even seen in a shooter.
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User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#20
if you guys still have the game check out my secrets topic on the 2nd page. i submitted it to this site but for some reason they never put it up.

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