See Marshall at Resistance Base?

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User Info: poonster99

6 years ago#1

I'm in the subway and I'm told to "See Marshall in the Resistance bash" I've been everywhere in this subway but can't find any I have to go out into the Wasteland to find the Base(tried this but didn't get any markers to show any directions) or am I missing it down in the subway?

User Info: poonster99

6 years ago#2

nevermind,I figured it out.

User Info: blade979

6 years ago#3

What did you do? Im stuck here as well.

User Info: aw_chris

6 years ago#4
Remember where you originally entered Subway Town? From the little elevator hidden behind a car at the back of the garage...?

User Info: JDMx607

6 years ago#5
hahahah oh my, i had a hard time with this one as well, and then i walked in the garage and the second empty parking spot magically opened the elevator. tricky, well played developers, well played.

User Info: Exorcist77

6 years ago#6
Thanks I was having problems with this.
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