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User Info: soran66

5 years ago#1

i just got my hands on this game and so far it's not looking bad, i'm still learning, but with the wiki i managed to get a better grip of what i'm doing. however, i still have no idea how to set up matches.

i'm just fiddling around so far, taking baby steps.

all help is appreciated :]

thanks in advance.
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User Info: soran66

5 years ago#2
never mind the previous question, found the answer, anyways i have a couple more questions

1- how to raise cash

2- how to raise popularity

3- how exactly does the game work? the fights i mean, i'm still having trouble understanding what determines who gets to attack the other.
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User Info: Taijouroukun

5 years ago#3
1) by going on tour. at the end of every turn (month), you have a chance to go on tour. that's how you make money. each tour, you can have the maximum of 8 shows (8 days). once your popularity increase, you also get television deal.

2) also by going on tour. your promotion's popularity increases in the area where you wrestled, and only in the area you wrestled.

3) the basic is

card's value + wrestle's attack in the move type - opposing wrestler's defense in that type


your opponent's number.

the bigger number gets the attack. there are other factors which give tiny bonus points, such as special abilities or wrestling in the wrestler's home area. i don't know all the details. i think the more consecutive moves you hit, the bigger a penalty you get. these are not too important. but one thing you must know is the move penalty.

every move on your wrestler has a power level. the higher the power level, the more damage it does. but there's a catch. a power level 1 (the least powerful) move requires your hp to be below 90%, or there is a -1 penalty. if you meet the requirement, there is no penalty. a power level 2 move requires your hop to be below 80% or there is a -2 penalty, and so forth. so a power level 9 move requires your hp to be below 90% or you get a -9 penalty. so when you choose what move to use in a match and what move to have your wrestler learn, this is extremely important.

if you got the card to do your finishing move, that always win. i don't know what happens in a finisher vs. finisher.

User Info: soran66

5 years ago#4

boy am i glad to see someone still pops in this forum!

i'm wondering about the management mode starting options if i may ask.

i know about the company name, the trademark thingy, the skills and the years.

but, there are two more options, from 1 to 5.

if i got it right, the first one is how many brands i'm going to be playing in case we're having a multiplayer, correct?

then there's another one right after it, i'm assuming it's the number of brands i'm playing against?

then there's a level thingy, ranging from 1 to 3 what does that do?

after that, there's a 3 or 4 choices, i'm not home right now, so i'm speaking from memory here, i think this is the starting era? i read somewhere in the forum or the wiki, that there are several ones, i'm guessing they only decide who is available first to recruit, correct?
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User Info: soran66

5 years ago#5
also, would you kindly translate the data on the character's profile? when i click triangle and then R1. all i can come out with is the HP and the "Price" right next to it.

i'd be grateful if you could. :] thank you in advance.

also, when i'm in a match, and i'm outside the ring and press square i get a list of 4 commands, what're they?
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User Info: Taijouroukun

5 years ago#6
i haven't play this in a while, and i don't have the time at the moment to translate. i'll try to help you out maybe tomorrow or a little later this week.

User Info: soran66

5 years ago#7
thank you very much :]
PSN: devil_prince11

User Info: Taijouroukun

5 years ago#8
after you enter manager mode, there's the new game and continue option (in english). after that is the option of 1 to 4. that's the number of players you are choosing. after you choose, it's 2 to 5. that's the number of promotions. the minimum number of promotions is the number of players plus 1. so there is always at least one npc promotion.

after that, it's the year of the Final Series. you can choose from 1 to 99, the number being the number of years after you start the game when the final series take place. so if you choose the default 5, the final series take place 5 years after you start the game. you can change this in the game. the final series is a competition where you fight against other promotions. There are 3 separate groups, the jr weight, heavy weight, and tag team. and you will fight against the best of the best. so you might want to prepare yourself accordingly. after the final series is the ending, and where one of your wrestler confesses her feelings for you if she likes you enough. but the game doesn't end. i'm not sure if the final series affects the game play afterward.

1 to 3 is the difficulty. different difficulty starts you with different amount of AP (money). i'm not sure what else it changes, if any.

right after the difficulty setting it's the time period you begin the game. naturally, there are different promotions in different era, and the same promotion have different strength. yes, you do start with different wrestlers in different era, but they recycle. after a number of years since they retire, the wrestlers do come back at their youngest age. and there are two version of the same wrestlers (different color and name, but that's it). the 2nd version starts showing up around the time when all the wrestlers pretty much debuted. you can look up when they show up here

User Info: Taijouroukun

5 years ago#9
after you got to the character profile and press R1, from top row to bottom row, left to right:

HP, rating
throw attack, throw defense
submission move attack and defense
power move attack and defense
strikes attack and defense
air attack and defense
strength, dexterity
constitution, recovery, speed

rating is a general rating of how good your character is base on your stats. it directly affects the salary required to get someone, but it's not the salary.

there are 5 types of moves, throw, submission, power, strikes, and air. throw would be moves like suplex, submission is obvious, power would be power bomb, strikes would be punches and kicks, and air would be drop kick and moonsault. the highest level is either F or S, i forgot. it's 1 to 9, then A (10), B (11), C (12), and so forth. basically base 16. but there is a limit as to how high you can get. like if you got to F in attack, your defense can only get to A (not sure on the exact level). so your choice might be something like D/C, E/B, F/A, etc. it has to do with the number of experience you can receive in each type. the site explaining it was already down, so i can't look it up to give you the facts. anyway, i think after 8, the experience required to get to the next level increases. or in another word, it's cheaper going to that level.

strength, dexterity, constitution, recovery, and speed only goes up to A. there is also a combine limit as to how far you can get with those. so you might at most get 2 A, one 8, one 7, one 6 (not exactly sure on the numbers), or 2 A and three 7s. if you want 3 A, you really have to give up on one of the stat. after you got to A, you continue to receive experience before you hit the experience cap at that particular stat. but you won't get any higher level. those are just wasted experience. so once you got to A, you need to stop immediately because the more you waste, the less the other 4 stats can get.

strength affects how hard you hit and a little on HP. dexterity has to do with reversal, constitution greatly affects your HP, recovery affects the HP you recover each turn in a match, and speed, i forgot. i think things like using weapon, moves like the roll up, and interrupting the count in a tag match.

if what i said is confusion, just know that you can't get to highest level in both offense and defense in each move type, and you can't all 5 of the physical stats to the highest level.

User Info: Taijouroukun

5 years ago#10
i don't know what are the 4 options you got outside the ring. i just played a training match. i only see one option, and that's to get back in the ring.

by the way, attempting to get back in the ring, going for the pin fall, and going for the tag, i believe all have a -1 penalty.

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