Well, doesn't that beat all..

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User Info: Lei_Trigar

6 years ago#1
only took 3 months till i noticed my old thread got archived.. yet another reason why i dislike GameFaqs..

btw, i got the new 3DS, sooooo i'm gonna try to see if i can play this game online again.. though i doubt i'll ever find anyone lol.
It's LEE-EYE_Try-gar...
"they suspended YOU?! The angel-boy of the lufia forums who never did anything wrong?" ~Michelrpg (Volt)

User Info: inviso87

6 years ago#2
I have a 3DS as well Lei!!

Btw, you'll be happy to know that in Arkanoid Live, I got all 8 Time Attack WRs! :) I dunno if it's still holding or not b/c the guy in 2nd was determined to beat me...but yea XD
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  3. Well, doesn't that beat all..

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