What happens when you get 2 laser power-ups?

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User Info: White_Wolfos_14

5 years ago#1
There have been a few instances in which I've gotten 2 laser power-ups in a row, and I've noticed that the beams shot from the Vaus look slightly different after I acquire the second power-up. Is it supposed to have a different effect? I'm usually near the end of a level by the time I manage to get 2 laser power-ups, so I haven't noticed any significant changes.

And also, are there any more power-ups that change when you get doubles? I've definitely gotten two expansion power-ups in a row, but it didn't change anything...
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User Info: inviso87

5 years ago#2

My FAQ talks about power-ups at the bottom.

I don't talk too much about multiples, but I do mention Laser and Expand. I think Barrier is the only other one that gives multiples (either that, or I'm getting it confused with the XBox Live version).
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