When do i get a gun?

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User Info: BxLxAxCxKxOUT

5 years ago#1
I just finished the juice pack mission and I was wondering when i get a gun?

User Info: UeberAlles88

5 years ago#2
BxLxAxCxKxOUT posted...
I just finished the juice pack mission and I was wondering when i get a gun?

Go do Omar's quests. He's around the water-slide area near the hotel.

User Info: dKApAt_8

5 years ago#3
I got a revolver from a side mission. But i cant use it until im level 10 Im currently level 8 id rather use melee anyway. im gonna save guns for boss battles and crazy people.

User Info: MrGodai

5 years ago#4
guns are like one of the worst weapons in the game unless you are fighting humans that shots at you.

User Info: vnj4x

5 years ago#5
Godai, you got it right, man.
I dont know about outher guns, but pistol is NOT so effective against zombies beside shooting those punks from afar.

User Info: Anyte

5 years ago#6
I've found a couple of guns allready.

I have not found any bullets.

Can you throw a gun to do some decent damage?

User Info: gunslinger20

5 years ago#7
in this game melee weapons=for zombies and Guns= Human enemies. You can 1 shot humans by just scoring a headshot but zombies don't got down easy with guns. They even require multiple headshots (5-6).
Where life had no value, Death sometimes had its price. That's why the bounty killers showed up."-Sergio Leone

User Info: ss_joey419

5 years ago#8
You'll see more guns as soon as act II starts. There aren't that many psychopaths in the resort area and they are the ones that usually carry.
GT: Joey Leen

User Info: vnj4x

5 years ago#9
So far in Act 2 I've had only found pistol and revolver......where are semi-auto and full-auto rifles ? Maybe in act 3 I guess.

User Info: techx2006

5 years ago#10
If you still in act 1 you can score 30 pistol bullets by helping a guy from some zombies attacking his bunker. At the start of Act 1 from where your first weapon is a paddle head to the right and keep walking, you will hit a split and take the path to the left towards the shore. Kill the two thugs and some walkers and bingo you have bullets
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