Will There Be Hot (Not Zombie) Girls?

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User Info: Blitzing_Wrath

6 years ago#1
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User Info: UeberAlles88

6 years ago#2
Blitzing_Wrath posted...

Pssh, hot zombie Girls are the way to go.
ZILFs all the way.

User Info: Marozi

6 years ago#3
Yes. There're more than a few survivors in the safe rooms who are attractive females in bikinis.
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User Info: Dart_Feld7

6 years ago#4
Yes, is that a selling point for you TC?
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User Info: alex91093

6 years ago#5
Depends on your opinion. For me, Asians = hotness
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User Info: WarThrash

6 years ago#6
ZILFs, man.....ZILFs

User Info: JollyRoger64

6 years ago#7
Get outside.

User Info: 4RK_4NG3L

6 years ago#8
TC is just roleplaying. If you were stuck on a paradise resort and knew the end of the world was coming, what (who) would you do? lol
People on the Xbox forums obsess about fps. People on the Ps3 forums obsess about exclusives. People on the PC forums obsess about graphics. They all suck.

User Info: assassinreaper

6 years ago#9
I sure hope so. I need some motivation to save people. Once you max out what reason is there to save people? In DR I never saved anyone once I reached 50 except for photo opportunities.
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