Silly "easter eggs" around the game. (Spoilers, maybe)

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User Info: Evangelized

6 years ago#1
Probably old and found, but I thought I'd share some of the things I have noticed that was kind of amusing.

1) License plates on all vehicles read Dead Island in leet.

2) There are random books entitled "Dead Island: A True Story".

3) Skydiving billboards at gas stations inquire the reader to call 666-DEAD.

4) The price for Super Unleaded gas is 666.

5) The beer name at the bars on the Island is entitled Dead Islander.

6) A beer distributor at the bar, according to posters, is named Carcass.

7) There is a NPC named "Joel Dirt," perhaps a nod to Joe Dirt.

8) In the lab, there are men named Frank and Dr. West, perhaps nod to Frank West from Deadrising.

9) There is an upside down house in the Jungle with a laptop, perhaps a nod to Jurassic Park.

10) An achievement is entitled, "No Raccoons In Here," perhaps a nod to another infected city, Raccoon City.

11) There is a weapon called "Zed's Demise," perhaps a nod to Borderlands, which the game is heavily noted being similar to.
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User Info: nWo_WeaponX

6 years ago#2
one achievement is called "right 4 life" as in "left 4 dead" opposite.

User Info: Ranged_Pliers

6 years ago#3
Mcall's 9mm is a nod to call of juarez the cartel
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User Info: THuffman

6 years ago#4
The list is MUUUUCCCCCHHHHH longer.
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User Info: Evangelized

6 years ago#5
THuffman posted...
The list is MUUUUCCCCCHHHHH longer.

...Well, remember it was the things I had noticed. Thanks for the link.
My name has nothing to do with religion.

User Info: darkskill

6 years ago#6
How bout the Blue Screen of Death you see on some computer screens.
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User Info: CornPete

6 years ago#7
Zed's Demise would be Pulp Fiction, not Borderlands.

User Info: viewmaster_pi

6 years ago#8
On the wiki, they say the Wheels of Steel quest is a reference to the 18 Wheels of Steel game.

It's really based off of the song, Wheels of Steel. Pretty obvious, seeing as everything else is a song reference.
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User Info: KaMismyHERO

6 years ago#9
License plates read "D34D 1574ND" which translates from leet speak to "Dead Island."

Holy ****, there's a term for it?
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User Info: VampireGrimm

6 years ago#10
In the Lab I thought Frank to be a throwback to Dead Rising and I thought Dr. West to be a tribute to H.P. Lovecraft's Re-Animator where Dr. West raised the dead.
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  3. Silly "easter eggs" around the game. (Spoilers, maybe)

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