Do NOT buy Ryder White DLC! DO NOT BUY. (Short review)

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User Info: megadeth1117

5 years ago#31

Giant Bomb's Quick Look is hilarious

User Info: Grimno

5 years ago#32
I bought it, played it.

Overall, i was dissapointed.

I mean yeah sure, I did learn quite a few things that made me go "Oh! I did not know that!"

Used the stun gun, once... and that was it. I was also annoyed by the constant barrages of infected coming up from behind you, over and over and over... even in areas that made no sense as to HOW they came up from behind you, when you just killed everything in that area!

They were heavy on gun play... so I did get an achievment I missed.
And what made no sense... was the timeframe!

I mean geez! Let's say you just blew up the bridge,
The time it took you to get to the evac chopper and get flown out of the city, and land on the prison was apparantly enough time for the main characters to~

Complete ALL of Act 2, Complete ALL of Act 3, and then get to the prison....

~Grimno (The Eccentric Gamer)
Explosions Solve Everything!

User Info: IceDragon77

5 years ago#33
Eh, I enjoyed it.

It was interesting because it gave me a new perspective on Ryder.
I mean before, I thought he was a jerk who tried to betray me. Now, I feel incredibly sorry for him. He never really did anything wrong.
Also, it gives me an understanding on why the next game will be called Dead World.

I'd give it a 7/10.
If you're looking for something to make your other characters god like (mods, weapons, etc), then keep on hoping. But if you are like me and just want to know every detail about the Dead Island timeline, then look no further. I mean, they did advertise it as such, so if you didn't care about the story, then why buy it anyways?

User Info: shawnmck

5 years ago#34
Some of the complaints leveled at this DLC are legitimate, but some are completely baseless and flawed in reason.
For starters, anyone complaining about the DLC being too focused on guns, or that there is a lack of co-op need to realize that the Ryder White DLC was always going to contain those elements. When it was first announced not long after DI's release, the Devs said that it would be a single-player experience only, and that guns were going to be the main focus. So the fault lies not with the game, but your own expectations & your lack of reading up on this DLC.
The re-using of environments should be expected, as it was stated that you would be dropped off at the city, and you must make your way to the prison. Yes, it would have been nice if a few new locations were implemented, but it is forgivable.

Not being able to level up is a bit disappointing, but again, it was stated that this DLC was going to be played with single-player in mind, and be a lot more focused on story as opposed to leveling up.

The re-spawning of infected is totally legitimate, as it happens a lot more frequent, and they will respawn in areas that they shouldn't...such as areas right behind you that you might have already cleared out. This is annoying.
The constant re-spawning infected make the game less fun than it should be and I would hope is fixed in a patch, because this is ridiculous.
It is still very playable, but less fun. It in essence forces you to hurry up through the areas, because the longer you delay the more infected that will re-spawn...and they re-spawn in large numbers.

The length of this DLC is also disappointing, as it is short. It will take players roughly 2 to 4 hours, depending on how quickly you get through it and how often you die.
But the DLC does force you through it rather quickly by constantly re-spawning the infected.

The giant bomb video was nice, but the guy playing absolutely sucks at this game.
He kept trying to use melee weapons when he should be using his guns... he doesn't use his kick effectively... he complained about his melee weapons being degraded but holds on to them when he could be picking up other weapons...he runs low on ammo but doesn't even bother to pick up an assault rifle and get its ammo....He is being chased by infected & other zombies in the sewer, but doesn't even think to close a gate to block them out.
So this guy is making the DLC seem harder than it actually is, although the constantly re-spawning infected do make this more of a pain in the arse than it needs to be and definitely less fun than id otherwise could be.

Buy this only if you want more background on the story and motivations on the part of the antagonist.
Otherwise there is little to no re-play value to be had here.
If you mostly play On-line with others, then avoid this at all costs.
Even though I really like Dead Island and think that some of the complaints leveled at this DLC is over-exaggerated (not all), I do feel that this DLC is a bit over-priced, and isn't as good as it could have been.
It feels a bit rushed and hastily put together.
It can be fun if you like the shooting, but once it is over you won't want to re-play it very often (if at all).

I would rate it a C+
Not horrible as some make it out to be, but definitely not as good as it could have been either, and there were some poorly implemented design choices, such as constantly re-spawning infected. The infected can be dealt with, but they will respawn right behind you at times. This is dumb when you are traveling down a narrow corridor and have killed everything along the way...they shouldn't be spawning behind you.

User Info: funkydude31

5 years ago#35

Well, I'm about halfway through and yeah, it just feels like a pure combat addon. You don't really need to gather or build weapons, things are presented for you. There is no real reason to hunt down things to kill because there is no leveling, an opportunity for crazy xp in the vanilla game is something to just pass by in this. Oh well, still kinda cool to play someone new. 


I know it wouldn't make any sense story wise(was it any good anyway?), but give ryder a skill tree and let us play him through the normal game. Or at the very least, hell reskin him and give him a different name so we can play a new guy through the normal game. That would be pretty great to play through as someone fresh and new. 

User Info: schendelscandal

5 years ago#36
30 mins in and loving it! This game just brings a thrill that I have missed since finishing the original campaign in September!
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User Info: FinnCross

5 years ago#37
One thing I find interesting with the argument of the pricing for the DLC(or any DLC for that fact) is that it is not up to the developers, in this case, Techland, to come up with said price. It is typically set by the companies that their game is going to be released on, such as the 360 and PS3. Micro$oft is a main reason for the price of Ryder White being the $10 that is is.
If you do not believe me, Halo creators Bungie had stated that the prices for their multiplayer maps was not up to them, but up to Micro$oft, and that if it were up to Bungie, they would have giving the maps for free to the players. That's why they began having Bungie Day so they could give back to the community that helped build them.
Attack the fat cat when it comes to money you spend on DLC for a game, not the meek little guy who only gets a percentage of that money for what they created.
XBL = FinnCross

User Info: mfv12979

5 years ago#38

good thing i didn't buy this. hah i guess it saves me ms points. lol.

User Info: blueboykc

5 years ago#39

i sincerely wish i had come here and looked before i bought the dlc..who would have thought no achievements though?!?! i posted this over at the official forums and i suggest everyone who paid good money for this pos go over there and complain thoroughly..i know it wont do a whole hell of a lot of good but at least they will know how pissed ppl are about getting completely ripped off..


i want a refund... its my fault for not checking but seriously who would have ever thought a paid dlc for a game like this would have no achievements and be only about two hours long? and cost $10? i am so angry right now that i spent ten bucks on this...and i know im not the only one who feels absolutely in the world could you put something like this out to the loyal fans who have bought your game and your other dlc? believe me im goin to preach to high heaven about the low quality and high shafting of this dlc..and i will never ever buy another dlc from techland or deep silver..

i am so utterly dissapointed..

im going to post this thread at every single forum that will let me!!

"warning about dead island dlc!!!

if anyones considering buying the ryder white dlc dont do it!! its 10 bucks for a really short play time and no achievements or trophies!!! if i had known this i would have NEVER paid the $10 for it. its a complete and utter ripoff..i am so pissed right now i could burst..seriously who besides ubisoft makes dlc with no achievements or trophies?!?!? to me those are commonplace and expected as part of the price!! the only way i could understand this being an acceptable is if you really loved the game..i am so angry!! i feel cheated and used!! so now im going to have to start checking if dlc comes with achievements or trophies before i buy it?"

User Info: SuperSaiyan4542

5 years ago#40

"The second rule is that every game can add a maximum of 250 new points and 10 Achievements through DLC every yearly quarter (but only until reaching the 1,750 point cap). And evidently this rule is also cumulative, so that theoretically, a developer could release a new game with 1,000 points, not add any new achievements for the next three quarters, and then release a massive 750-point DLC pack in the fourth quarter. The anonymous source explained this rule is meant to discourage developers from releasing a ton of content and all 750 points immediately after a game's release, and instead doll it out slowly over time."
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