This game is delicious. But Sonic Riders 3 should have online play.

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  3. This game is delicious. But Sonic Riders 3 should have online play.

User Info: AdeonWriter

9 years ago#1
Oh, gravity. Why can't we, seem to keep it together?

User Info: VeryAngryKirby

9 years ago#2

Also bring back the gears from the first Sonc Riders. >_> I really wanted to be able to have flying skates like the first one. :(
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User Info: final_lap

9 years ago#3
no flying skates.. that sounds dumb. besides, a sequel would have completely new extreme gear.

They have to completely reinvent the game for a sequel. It should be Sonic Riders Adventure, not Riders 3. Zero Gravity recycled the Riders 1 graphics... that was a letdown.

honestly though they really should not make a Riders game or any Sonic racing game ever again, or at least not in a long while, they still have to give us a true Sonic game to make up for Sonic06. And a true Sonic game should have online play anyway.

and besides, I dont think many Wii games will have online play, it's too slow. Mario Kart is going to be a rare exception. It's no surprise that Zero Gravity didnt have online play. I would be lucky it got ghost racing at all, that's a surprise coming from a Sonic Team game.

User Info: final_lap

9 years ago#4
btw, actually nevermind about the flying stakes, I forgot what it looks like when you fly with them

but I was thinking that they should remove a lot of the shortcut types and gear types. And just improve the game's graphics and animations. The game should look more like the CG clip where Sonic and Jet are racing in the sky or in the Riders 1 story intro. And tie the gameplay with the story better. That's all that really matters.

User Info: Rethalwolf

9 years ago#5
well, graphic levels have a limit. you cant make them perfect. also, they are making that new sonic game for DS which is TBA 2008 atm... also, (again) what makes you think they are making a riders 3? and if they do, i can almost bet money that there will be no air or gravity. it'll probably be time-and-dimension/space warping or something.
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User Info: JaidynReiman

9 years ago#6
The "TBA 2008" DS game is probably Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood, the Sonic RPG being made by Bioware. Sonic Riders 3? Would not be at all surprised to see one, especially based on Sonic's comment "See you at the Ex-World Grand Prix." (In the last game, Jet says "You may be fastest, for now... But I'll be back, Sonic the Hedgehog!") A DS Sonic Riders game could turn out interesting too, though, but I doubt it'll happen. Thus far, Riders titles have been console-only, unlike Mario Kart. That could change, though, but at present, the only handheld Sonic racers are the Sonic Rivals games (note the "at present" part--Sonic Drift isn't a current spinoff series, despite the Sonic Cafe version made).

User Info: final_lap

9 years ago#7
but I can't help but think that making a Sonic racing game is almost like making a Halo light gun game... it's like... why?

Sonic Rivals has the right idea in that it's basically just a Sonic game but with the whole race element. (not saying that it's better than Zero Gravity) You can then conceivably make "regular" stages in between race stages so you could do anything you want with the storyline, and etc. They should do that in a 3D Sonic game too, have a race stage. Imagine actually racing Shadow in SA2 like you raced against Sonic in SA1 (playing as Tails) There's no point in making a Sonic racer. Or not much point to it, anyway.

anyway just throwing that out there...

also I think Zero Gravity should have been on PSP, too bad it isn't.

User Info: RockstarDX

9 years ago#8
Why for the PSP? You got Rivals afterall.

User Info: sean77408

9 years ago#9
When I got Zero Gravity I thought that the wi-fi feature was to race with people online like in mario kart.I think they could of done that but they were problaby to lazy. Lots of games either dont have wi-fi or they do they dont take full advantage of it.They could have done better with Sonic Riders Zero Gravity.

User Info: DVeagle74

9 years ago#10
they should make sonic adventure 3 with chao!! those two games were the best of the 3D games. but they should also make a sonic riders 3.
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  3. This game is delicious. But Sonic Riders 3 should have online play.

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