Mordecai's Complete Skill Tree

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User Info: Vintoks

7 years ago#1

I browsed around and didn't see anyone post this up yet. Mordecai's full skill set has been revealed


(Note: The level cap is 50, with a skill point added for each level starting at 5. The Special Ability skill only requires one point to max out, leaving 40 points to spend in the other skills. Each skill can be maxed out with 5 points, so you could max out the top tier skills in two of the trees, if you wish.)

Special Ability: Bloodwing
Gain the ability to send your pet Bloodwing out to attack an enemy and then return. (Cooldown: 28 seconds)
Sniper Tree Tier 1:
Focus – Increases accuracy with all weapon types. (First level: +5% Accuracy. Sniper Rifle sway: -10%)

Caliber – Increases damage with Sniper Rifles. (First level: +4% Sniper Rifle damage.)

Sniper Tree Tier 2:
Smirk – All players on your team (including you) gain additional experience when you kill an enemy with a critical hit. (First level: +3%)

Killer – Killing an enemy increases your Damage and Reload Speed with all guns for a few seconds. (First level: +8%. Reload Speed +6%)

Sniper Tree Tier 3:
Loaded – Increases Magazine Capacity with Sniper Rifles. (First level: Magazine Capacity +14%)

Carrion Call – Shooting an enemy with a Sniper Rifle reduces the cooldown of your Bloodwing. (First level: Cooldown reduction per hit: 0.8 seconds).

Sniper Tree Tier 4:
Trespass – Your bullets have a chance to ignore shields. Also slightly increases Bullet Damage. (First level: 20% chance to penetrate shields. 1% Bullet Damage.)
Rogue Tree Tier 1:
Swift Strike – Increases Bloodwing Damage and movement speed. (First level: +20% Bloodwing Damage, +8% Bloodwing Speed)

Swipe – The Bloodwing causes enemies to drop additional money, ammo and healing items when it attacks. (First level: Maximum number of additional items dropped: 1)

Rogue Tree Tier 2:
Fast Hands – Increases reload speed with all weapon types. (First level: +8%)

Out for Blood – When your Bloodwing strikes an enemy you gain health based on the amount of damage done. (First level: Percentage of damage converted to health: 7%)

Rogue Tree Tier 3:
Aerial Impact – Attacks from your Bloodwing can Daze enemies, reducing their movement speed and accuracy. (First level: Chance to Daze vs. an equal level enemy: 20%)

Ransack – Killing an enemy increases the amount of loot you get from other enemies killed for a few seconds. (First level: Chance to drop an additional item: 20%)

Rogue Tree Tier 4:
Bird of Prey – Increases the number of targets the Bloodwing can attack before returning. (First level: The Bloodwing attacks up to 2 targets).
Gunslinger Tree Tier 1:
Deadly - Increases Critical Hit Damage (First level: +6% Critical Hit Damage).

Gun Crazy – When using pistols you have a chance to fire 2 shots with each pull of the trigger instead of just 1. (First level: 8% chance to fire 2 shots.)

Gunslinger Tree Tier 2:
Lethal Strike – Increases melee damage. Also, every melee attack has a 35% chance to be a Lethal Strike and deal extremely high damage. (First level: Melee Damage +10%, Lethal Strikes deal +100% damage.)

Riotous Remedy – Killing an enemy gives you chaotic health regeneration for a few seconds. (First level: You can be healed for up to 3% of your maximum Health over 7 seconds).

Gunslinger Tree Tier 3:
Predator – Decreases the cooldown of your pet Bloodwing. (First level: Bloodwing Cooldown reduced by 3 seconds.)

Hair Trigger – Increases Fire Rate and Magazine Size with pistols. (First level: Fire rate: +4%, Magazine Size: +6%)

Gunslinger Tree Tier 4:
Relentless – Killing an enemy increases your fire rate and gives every bullet fired a 25% chance to be a Killer Shot and deal additional damage. This effect lasts a few seconds. (First level: Fire Rate: +8%, Killer Shot damage: +20%)

User Info: Vintoks

7 years ago#2


User Info: greendisk

7 years ago#3

Thank you for taking time to post this. Very interesting and helpful. Even though Mordecai is a sniper class, the sniper skill tree doesn't look very strong imo. I think i would invest most my points into the other two trees, even if im making a sniper.

User Info: Graybes

7 years ago#4
If I play as Mordecai I will definitely want to try and make Bloodwing the best I can make him...
Gamertag: A BombInLasagna

User Info: Hatnclox

7 years ago#5
Am I the only one that couldn't care less about bloodwing?
I thought the other two branches, sniper and gunslinger, were much more interesting.
Grow Old or Die Trying

User Info: H0RSE

7 years ago#6
the least interesting tree is the sniper tree....pretty sad for a class that's supposed to be the sniper.

User Info: Soljah

7 years ago#7
seems fun.... i still dont like his bloodhawk or the skills that go with it, really ruined him for me :(
Your Friendly Monster Hunter Soljah
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User Info: Hatnclox

7 years ago#8
^alright, I'm ont the only one!
Grow Old or Die Trying

User Info: Hatnclox

7 years ago#9
I can't stand when games use pets, it always seems so much like a gimick to me.
Grow Old or Die Trying

User Info: zerocoal

7 years ago#10
It's a pet that only attacks one enemy until you spec the final rogue talent. How is that gimmicky? The turret is more of the usual pet than bloodwing is.
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