Best sniper rifle you've ound so far?

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  3. Best sniper rifle you've ound so far?

User Info: dtdownsurface

7 years ago#1
mine is i think it's called the scoped skull crusher it does 696 damage and the description says "it makes people's brains hurt"

what about you?

User Info: dtdownsurface

7 years ago#2
Bohemian rhapsody

User Info: UCH1H4_G0D

7 years ago#3
well im only lv 19, but the best one i've found is a lv 25 one that does 275 damage and has fire x 4.
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User Info: ZLeipzig

7 years ago#4
11100 eridian thunder

296 damage
98.3 accuracy
1.3 fire rate

no spread, bullet travels fast, and about 6 shots in a clip.
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User Info: dtdownsurface

7 years ago#5
mines got a dam high accuracy, i've yet to find a better one, my friends haven't either
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User Info: hckyluvngamer12

7 years ago#6
I'm a fan of the liquids. Mine has around 570 damage with a 2.7 fire rate. +150% crit hit
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User Info: killergp123

7 years ago#7
GGNS Fearsome Volcano
Damage: 508
Accuracy: 98.6
Fire Rate: 0.9
Clip Size: 6(at 10 though thanks to skill)
Elemental: x4 fire

Waiting to use one of these:
GGN390 Fearsome Sniper
Damage: 663
Accuracy: 97.8
Fire Rate: 0.6
Clip size: 3

11001 Eridian Lightning
Damage: 520
Accuracy: 98.3
Fire Rate: 2.5
Clip Size: unlimited(cooldown weapon)

User Info: youngskillz

7 years ago#8
^lol @ that

is there a weapons list out already ? i guess.

best i got so far is one with like 327 damage, not bad, but of course theres alot better later i guess.
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User Info: depress0

7 years ago#9
Or he has them in his inventory and isn't a high enough level to use them..
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User Info: Chaos_phantoms

7 years ago#10
10001 eridin thunder
atk: 298 and has infinite ammo. so ya it's pretty fun to use.
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