EASY way to get allot of orange and purple guns

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User Info: rusdaddy

7 years ago#1
Found a spot in the game where there is like 5 weapon chests near a save point that you can host a game grab all weapons and quit then re host the game again and all the chests will have NEW weapons, This can be done once in less than 1 minute and you can find about 6-7 purple guns an hour and 3-4 orange guns every 2 hours.
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User Info: Vivi0198

7 years ago#2
What is New Haven?
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User Info: _henry14_

7 years ago#3
Where is this mystical spot you speak of?

User Info: xMynDx

7 years ago#4
What level are the weapons though? I'm not quite at New Haven yet, but I know I'm close (and I'm only level 22). Therefore, won't the weapons always be around lev 22-25ish? Or if I came back as a lev 50, will the weapons in the chest adjust to my level?

User Info: xMynDx

7 years ago#5
lmao, I read TC's post, then the response post, and assumed "New Haven" was the place. Ignore my post.

User Info: Similac

7 years ago#6
he say 5 weapon chests, must be new haven.
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User Info: bobbetybob

7 years ago#7
Why do people do things like this in games, why spend 2 hours getting 3 orange guns when you could level up twice in that time and have gotten loads of other useful things.

User Info: WhiteDragon2501

7 years ago#8
If it's New Haven, where's the 5th chest? I know of 4.
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User Info: BMC_Archangel

7 years ago#9
i know of 6 in New Haven and once you hit the level cap there is nothing else to really do but farm loot. i am still looking for an amazing Lighting SMG for my Siren.
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User Info: Devious_Monkey

7 years ago#10
^^ There are 3 silver chests, and 2 red chests, as long as you know the red ones you're good.
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  3. EASY way to get allot of orange and purple guns

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