Youre on a boat! Where?

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User Info: Zelkyplant

7 years ago#1
Where do you get this achievement?
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User Info: OgreBattle019

7 years ago#2
On a boat!

User Info: phantom0x

7 years ago#3
Everybody will look at you, 'cuz you're sailing on a boat.
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User Info: xyzamos

7 years ago#4
Treachers landing or whatever it's called - on the map you can see an L shaped dock out of the way of the main path...go jump on the boat at the end of the dock.
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User Info: blingbling078

7 years ago#5
its a party boat with xmas lights pretty funny

User Info: Gangsta_427

7 years ago#6
I got it in the pirate-ish feeling area. I think it was called "______'s trove", or something to that effect. just run out into the ocean where you see a rowboat, and jump in.
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User Info: HolyDragonFire

7 years ago#7
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User Info: fgrfhgfd

7 years ago#8
treachers (sp) landing there is a lone dock at the south east of the starting postion go there and there will be a little boat with lights and stuff and then there you go

User Info: asuchimpo

7 years ago#9
I never thought I'd be on a boat!

User Info: Bebo144

7 years ago#10
Its a big blue watery road!
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