WHERE IS TANNIS!? *spoilers*

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User Info: Invalidmicah

8 years ago#1
Ok so I just got the last piece of the key and It says I have to go find Tannis because she went to the Enclave. Well, I am following my map marker but it leads me to some mountains with nothing there. I tried going out the enterance to salt flats and I killed the enclave guarding it but the lock won't unlock to let me out... I am confused.... where is tannis and where do I go from here?

User Info: Koerie

8 years ago#2
Tannis is... **** I forgot the name of the area but it has many rakks... My problem is that I can't find the claptrap!!!
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User Info: lar1121

8 years ago#3

there is a back door entrance on the right side of the mountain before you get to the vehicle spot. hope that helps

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  3. WHERE IS TANNIS!? *spoilers*

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