Elemental x1/x2/x3/x4 ?

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User Info: Talah

7 years ago#1
What do the x1/x2/x3/x4 on an elemental weapon mean. Are they a percentage per shot? If so what are the percentages? I have a x4 fire SMG. I also have a Lilith with 5/5 spark. I have no idea if this is redundant.

User Info: pkreynolds

7 years ago#2
It reflects the chance for the elemental effect to happen. x4 is the highest; with those weapons you'll almost always get the added elemental damage.

User Info: Lukeduke_007

7 years ago#3
those are damage multipliers X4 means that over the time an enemy is taking elemental damage a total of 4 times the weapons bullet damage. And keep shooting because elemental damage stacks.
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User Info: Vistar

7 years ago#5
Pretty sure that is the Damage multiplier of the element, the chance is listed in the text, if there is no text it's the base chance (low)

I've seen x1 with Very High chance, and x4 with high or even base chance.
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User Info: Talah

7 years ago#6
So its a damage multiplier. So your saying with a weapon that does 60dmg with x4 fire the dot tick will 240 dmg each? I'm trying to figure out the significance and value of this multiplier.

User Info: spacepanda229

7 years ago#7
Also wondering this. Cannot find a definitive answer at the Answers tab, nor do I have the time to scan 570 pages of Borderlands board posts.

I can tell you that a x1 electric does not have the same "blast radius" as a x3 electric. I was using a x3 electric revolver just to use as a shield killer due to the radius of the explosion, the 1x wasn't big at all.
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