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User Info: iiHaveSwineGB_

7 years ago#1
I'm thinking about starting a Siren
whats the best Build

User Info: brassmonkey62

7 years ago#2
something that doesn't involve phase strike until the patch is released.
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User Info: Grovel

7 years ago#3
The patch has already been released.
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User Info: ClarkyMalarky

7 years ago#4
phasestrike wasn't patched.
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User Info: Skabomb12188

7 years ago#5
What's wrong with Phase Strike?
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User Info: mu695

7 years ago#6
what was wrong with phase strike is the question and i also want to know because if it was overpowerd I'm going to play offline
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User Info: GEO1337

7 years ago#7
it's not overpowered now that it works, it's still not a good method, you're better off going with controller and then the assassin skills that boost your weapon damage and critical strike.

User Info: GEO1337

7 years ago#8
this is my build, and the only place i've died is the chuck durden arena fight.

User Info: BMC_Archangel

7 years ago#9
Elemental SMG build 1
This Build you get a good Elemental SMG and you stay back firing in to a group of enemies DoT'ing (Damage over Time) them all.

Elemental SMG build 2
Same as the last one but your closer range, you run up on your enemies and shoot them up while staying on the move, trying to get Phoenix to go off as often as you can.

Phasewalker build
Phasewalk is and Phasestrike the biggest enemies then shoot them all up while they are dazed and you wait for your Phasewalk to cooldown.

Survivor build
even more focused on the Phasewalk then the other builds above, you phasewalk everytime you get a chance, look at your surroundings then strike, shoot the enemies up tell you can phasewalk again then do so, you can walk around for about 10 seconds and you heal your health the entire time.

I like the SMG build 1, i can solo all the level areas when they are level 50. find a good Merc Mod and have fun.
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User Info: BMC_Archangel

7 years ago#10
sorry for the double post but the Phasestrike is great PvP but PvM it lacks. it only hits 1 target and when fighting level 50 enemies they are affecting more by the Daze then the Strike. i prefer Mind Games.
Xbox GT = Uriel Archangel
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