Any good places to do some solo powerlevelling?

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User Info: Cyath

8 years ago#1
I can't get online due to some network issues my router has, so I'm stuck playing solo...not that I mind. :)

However, it gets a big draggy having to do all the quests and whatnot for each character, so I was wondering if there were any good ways to speed things up? So far, the only really good place I've found is the Lost Cavern for levels 11-20 or can crit the crabs in there really easily, and they all spawn right in front of the cave entrance.

Anyone know any other good spots?

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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

8 years ago#2
Playing through the story is pretty much the fastest way to solo powerlevel
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User Info: Gentara22

8 years ago#3
When you get to Rakk Hive. Just exit game. Kill. Exit game. Kill.

I have a CR that does like 87 dmg and is 10.2 Fire rate. Pluse I double that when I kill an enemy so just kill a rakk defender then pew pew pew pew him until he is like "blarg i iz ded".
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User Info: Winter_Wolf_93

8 years ago#4
Old Haven when you have the option, and Eridian Promontory later on.
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User Info: KaRnaGe101

8 years ago#5
Old Haven is my favorite
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User Info: James43090

8 years ago#6
Play second playthrough. Then you will experience powerleveling everytime you kill something.
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User Info: synthetiksin

8 years ago#7
If you have another controller, make a new profile, splitscreen, powerlevel that character by killing high level mobs, when the desired level is ready, use the temporary character to level your profile's characters.
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User Info: ArkThompson

8 years ago#8
The 2nd to last map is good if you have a mord with trespass
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  3. Any good places to do some solo powerlevelling?

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