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User Info: wakonabi217

7 years ago#1
All information came from

The weapon the red text belongs to is in Brackets.

Repeater Pistols

Never Stop Shooting - Extended Magazine [Vladof Rebel]
Big Tony says "Hi" - Massive Magazine [S&S Thanatos]
Don't drop It... Might Lose A Toe - +100% Melee Damage [The Clipper]
Bring the HEAT! - High fire damage and a chance to cause splash fire damage [Maliwan Firehawk]
Double Whammy - Fires a two round burst each with a two bullet spread. That is, it shoots 4 rounds that cost 2 ammo. May have decreased or inaccurate accuracy rating from modifier [S&S Gemini]
Feel the Sting - Fires two round bursts [Dahl Hornet]
Your Move, Creep - Fires a three-round burst per one ammo [Torgue Violator]
A Gift from Papa Krom- Fires a three-shot burst when aiming down the sight [Krom's Sidearm]
Twelve bullets invade your skull - Entire magazine is fired in one burst when aiming down the sight.[Hyperion Invader]
Ammo is no longer an issue - Regenerates ammo [Tediore Protector]
Sometimes, I forget to reload - Reduces ammo cost by 1 per shot; Double variants still cost 1 ammo per shot [The Dove]
Omnia Vincit Amor - +100% Critical Damage [Lady Finger]
Pain Heals - Regen health for 1HP/sec when holding in hand [Atlas Troll]
Slice Slice - +300% Melee Damage [Hyperion Reaper]
Vengeance is Yours - Chance to ignore shields [Vladof Vengeance]


Give Sick - High corrosive damage and can spread to nearby enemies [Pestilent Defiler]
Unending Firepower - Regenerates ammo [Tediore Equalizer]
Fools! They call me maaaad!- Bullets zig-zag when fired, and ricochet [Madjack]
A beast of many forms - Fire, Lightning, and Poison. - Bullets alternate between the 4 elemental damage types on every shot [Atlas Chimera]
It's a helluva thing - +200% Critical Hit Damage, Also a chance to fire 2+ bullets [Jakobs Unforgiven]
Long and Strong - Increased accuracy and power [Dahl Anaconda]
May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't - Inflicts very high damage to enemy shields [Atlas Patton]


We Don't Need No Water... - High Fire damage [Maliwan Hellfire]
Hallelujah! - Gun fires at alarming fire rate with almost immediate reload. Does contain ammo regeneration [Tediore Savior]
A Lead Wind Blows... - Fires two bullets per one ammo [Bone Shredder]
The ultimate close quarters feline. - Extended magazine, potentially with reduced accuracy [Dahl Wildcat]
I spy with my little eye... - Has much higher accuracy when aiming down the sights then other SMG's [Hyperion The Spy]
Smack 'Em - Massive critical hit damage [Hyperion *****]
Tear 'Em Up - Fires three round bursts [Torgue Gasher]

Combat Rifles

Hold Your Ground... Forever - Regenerates Ammo [Tediore Guardian]
2 More Bullets Makes All The Difference - Fires 5 round burst instead of standard 3 round burst [Dahl Raven]
War is in your blood - Speeds up fire rate after killing someone [The Meat Grinder]
Guns of the Revolution never fall silent. - Massive Magazine. Seems to also have a chance to daze. [Vladof Revolution]
A Watchful Eye - Massive Weapon Zoom [The Sentinel]
The Destructor has come. - While aiming down the sights, fires the entire clip in one burst [Hyperion Destroyer]
Dragon Fire! - Chance to set enemies on fire. 3x Incendiary [S&S Draco]
Ogre SMASH! - Speculated small chance to stun target. 3x Explosive bullets [Atlas Ogre]
TORGUE! Bastard Guns for Bastard People! - Increased damage [Torgue Bastard]

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User Info: wakonabi217

7 years ago#2

Drop the Hammer - Spread pattern is in the shape of a hammer and it is automatic. May take unloading an entire magazine to see the effect [Vladof Hammer]
Bring Out Your Dead - High corrosive damage [Maliwan Crux]
I Can Do This All Day... - Regenerates Ammo [Tediore Defender]
It's a painful thing - Corrosive damage and scope [The Blister]
Ride the Wave Dude! - Bullets bounce forming a wave [TK's Wave]
Cross Their Heart, Hope They Die - Spread follows a cross-shaped pattern [S&S Crux]
Holy Crap, It Shoots Rockets! - Shoots a rocket instead of shotgun pellets
One Bad Dog - Massive Magazine [Dahl Bulldog]
Sniper Rifles are for Chumps. - High Accuracy; Tight Pellet Spread [Jakobs Striker]
The Legend Lives, Sledge's Shotgun - Knocks back target several feet and 10000% burst fire count [Sledge's Shotgun]
Five Heads of Death - Spread pattern appears as a line [Atlas Hydra]
Have A Nice Day - Shots create a 'smiley-face' pattern [Torgue Friendly Fire]
Ahhh... Fresh meat! - 5-shot burst. Fast [Hyperion Butcher]
Beyond Groovy - Fires entire magazine in one click as a burst, and each round is a rocket. Fires the number of rounds in the gun's default clip. If the clip is expanded by perks you will have the left over rounds to fire in another burst [Boom Stick]


Beware The Horde - Fires a large rocket that costs 3 ammo that fires off smaller rockets as it travels [Vladof Mongol]
Monster Kill! - Fires a slow moving rocket with a larger blast radius than typical rocket launchers and uses multiple rounds per shot [Torgue Redemption]
The Unstoppable Force! - Rockets periodically explode in mid-flight [Maliwan Rhino]
It Rises! - Rockets have an arced trajectory [Leviathan]
Gonna cook someone today - High fire damage [The Roaster]
Death rains from above - Rockets have a MIRV effect and split into multiple rockets that hit the ground after a certain distance. The weapon will also have a white text label of "Airburst Rockets" [Hyperion Nidhogg]

Sniper Rifles

Why Don't You Go Shoot Yourself An Elephant? - Massive Damage sometimes with no scope [Whitting's Elephant Gun]
I Have You In My Eye Sir - Massive Zoom [Atlas Cyclops]
Sniper Killer... Qu'est que c'est - Fully Automatic [Dahl Penetrator]
BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM! - Fires a five round burst while aiming down the sights [Hyperion Invader]
Makes Their Brain Hurt - Massive critical damage [Jakobs Skullsmasher]
Pele demands a sacrifice! - High chance that rounds fired will be high yield explosive incendiary rounds, able to ignite enemies near the target [Volcano]
A hunter lives among the stars... - Each shot ricochets and has a chance of causing shock damage on each hit. After ricochet bullet splits into 3 [S&S Orion]
For the Mother Land - Chance to ignore shields. Greatly increased reload speed [Vladof Surkov]
Careful... you might put someone's eye out - <Critical hits on Bandits may have greatly increased damage [Rider]
I LIKE IT! - High explosive damage [Torgue Cobra]
The Cutting Edge - Max zoom and chance to ignore shields, potentially with increased zoom [Reaver's Edge]
Thwack! - Higher critical damage [Nailer]

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User Info: wakonabi217

7 years ago#3
Eridian Weapons

Wiki did not provide information of the effects of these texts.

Note that flavor text for Eridian weapons is marked differently and applies to the entire class of alien weapon. Many of these descriptions may never be found on weapons in-game because another file has marked them as inactive

Lightning never strikes the same place twice, but it can strike freaking everywhere! - [Eridian Thunder Storm]
I feel like I'm gonna break this thing - [Eridian Lightning]
010011110100110101000111 - Means "OMG" in binary - [Eridian Cannon]
Getting near this thing makes your hair stand on end - [Eridian Shock Rifle]
Anybody need a light? - [Eridian Fire Storm]
Hold does what? - [Eridian Elemental Rifle]
No face shall go unmelted - [Eridian Acid Storm]
Pew Pew Pew! - [Eridian Blaster]

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User Info: DemonOfPain

7 years ago#4
Sweet! 87th red text topic!
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User Info: supersvegeta

7 years ago#5
I would so love to have that Eridian elemental rifle. My siren with level 50 profiency with Eridian weapons would be even better. :)
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User Info: wakonabi217

7 years ago#6
^And yet the only useful guide. 99% of the other red text topics are questions asking "what does (insert red text here) mean?"

Topic=Solution to them
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User Info: Gill400

7 years ago#7
This has already helped me out. Cheers
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User Info: wakonabi217

7 years ago#8
no problem ^_^

Get it stickied and it'll stay there for everyone
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User Info: Tyrrant_Avatar

7 years ago#9
I wish one of these would get stickied.
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User Info: MOT_O

7 years ago#10
this guide is amazing. thank you. while looking at this guide I found an atlas PEARL CYCLOPS and a genocide destroyer "the destructor has come" - i instantly find out the best part of the guns. Thank you once again for the amazing luck and information you provided me.
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