Whats with all the 1 hit kill guns

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User Info: jdw1005

7 years ago#1
With some of the level 50's i have played with, some of them have guns that kill pratically anything in one shot, tearing them to shreds. is this an actuall gun or a mod cus it's a little boring to used i would think.

Has anyone else seen this.

User Info: sk8punkNW

7 years ago#2
EIther they just got lucky with a few boxes, or they have modded guns.
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User Info: FFFanboy78912

7 years ago#3
I'm wanting to say its modded, but I can't really prove that, since I haven't found too many powerful guns yet.
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User Info: yoursoclever

7 years ago#4
whoa, what level are you? If you're a level 15 and hosting and a 50 drops in everything is a one hit kill.

User Info: jdw1005

7 years ago#5
lvl 45. at the jaynistown mission, playthrough 2
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User Info: Necro_Slain

7 years ago#6
Let me ask you something, when they shoot does it lag the screen down? What kind of elemental effects are on the guns? Is it happening to EVERY enemy? Even badass?
WARNING: I'm thinking...

User Info: jdw1005

7 years ago#7
there is a slight lag when it hits, it's does it to everything, even the bosses, and no elemental effects i have seen maining cus they die to past. also i should say that i have never seen a damage count from the bullets

User Info: Necro_Slain

7 years ago#8
Sounds like the guns either fire at an insanely fast rate, or they are shooting way too many bullets at one time.

If you ever get a chance ask for the stats, or to see the stats on these guns. If the fire rate is higher than 15.0 chances are it might be modded.
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User Info: IKicksI

7 years ago#9

My friend got a gun off some guy, and he doesn't think its modded. Hes a retard.

its damage is 1500+

it has a fire rate of 10000

1 hit kills pretty much anything on PT2 Lvl 50

User Info: Phneri

7 years ago#10
Best front-end nonelemental damage I have is a shotty that's 273x12. Even at point-blank this will not kill a bully in a single hit. Let alone bosses.

I have guns that will put down a lot of enemies quickly, and a metal storm soldier can get a pretty ridiculous fire rate (I think my absolute best would be around 20 with a high ROF machine pistol and metal storm on, more is possible with heavy gunner mods), but even that won't drop a bad guy instantly.

Modded weapon. Not a doubt.
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