Best Hunter class mod?

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User Info: TheAssinator

7 years ago#1
I found a survivor class mod the other day with +11 health regen (I think) + to one or two of the other skills and then, this is the best part, +25% team damage. Has anyone found any better mods? I'm not at my house right now so I can't really check to see the exact stats, but I've never played on XBL so it's definitely real.
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User Info: crsar

7 years ago#2
the best survivor mod i know of has +15 health regen, +31% team dmg, and at least +3 to 3 skills but i can't remeber which ones.
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User Info: TheAssinator

7 years ago#3
Nice, I haven't quite finished my second playthrough, good to know that there is an upgrade for that somewhere.

User Info: jeriausx

7 years ago#4
the best COMS will have 660 as the number in front of them.
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User Info: mandalorincaldy

7 years ago#5
personally i like mine it gives me +10 to sniper ammo regen and no its not a mod

User Info: bigblu666

7 years ago#6
i use gunslinger 75% fire rate with pistols and 15 ammo regen and various +3 to skills

when i snipe i use a sniper mod (80% dmg from critical hits and 10ish sniper ammo regen [dont know specific atm] and 3 to skills.)

and when i farm ill use a scavenger mod that is 1 to rare items found and 2 to team scavenging.. and 2 to ransack i think

I tend to not car too much about hp regen... but then again i always play with my brother who is berserker and he takes the brunt of the damage...
and when i am hit i have hp regen on shield plus that chaotic recovery after i kill something.. as of yet ive had no problems

btw im lvl 44 and on PT2 about to be in NH....

dont know about the best but until i find better this is what i use.. hope it helped in the sense of what you can find

*SIDE NOTE.. CANT WAIT TILL nh THEN I CAN DITCH MY pt1 hellfire 69 dmg pistol
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