Best place to farm items in playthrough 2.5?

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User Info: faceman4523

7 years ago#1

I've run through The Lost Cave splitscreen MANY times (probably 100+ hours), hoping the second character in game would increase loot quality. There are 6 red chests in the small zone, so it seems like a good place to farm.

Is there a better place to farm, with more "rare" drops? I get a few orange and purples here and there in the Cave, but have never seen an Ogre or Chimera, and only one Orion that wasn't very good. Just wondered if there was a good place to farm these drops. Thanks.

User Info: smothermunch

7 years ago#2
Loot is random. All you can do to increase odds is increase the amount of chests you open.

I've yet to see an Ogre and I've got like 14+ days of playtime with lots of New Haven and Fastness farming. I've found two Chimeras- one in a red chest in NH, the other in a locker in the Fastness.

User Info: JanosA

7 years ago#3
I also found a Chimera in New Haven red chest.

User Info: VeiledGenesis

7 years ago#4
New Haven because there are 4 chests with zero threat invovled, Crimson Fastness since the mobs there seem to drop higher-end guns more often(also another 4 or 5 chests), and I personally like the Eridian Promontory, only because it's the highest-level zone. I've never had luck with Jacobs Cove though.
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User Info: Jmaneuv011

7 years ago#5
In 2.5 all the chests seem the same. I've always thought that the loot was equal to the color of the ammo upgrades sold at the vendor, and it's all the same in 2.5

User Info: Darkest_Evil

7 years ago#6
new haven has the guns for sale in the 2 vending machines at random times
the one vending machine opens at random accross from the other one
seams if you skip the chest where the claptrap opens it seams to stay opened more in playthrough 2.5
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User Info: faceman4523

7 years ago#7

Where do people get these 1900+ shields and stuff? Are those from 4-man loot runs in playthrough 2.5 or something? The best shield I've found was a 1685 shield with 185 recharge or a 1725 shield with a lowly 125 recharge. Neither has any other helpful stats, and both were bought from vending machines. Everytime I find a shield with a nice resist or health boost effect they are garbage 600-800 capacity shields, so I wondered where people get the good ones. I keep trying to my cousin and his friends to play so we might get some nice drops, but he's always busy playing Modern Warfare 2 even though he tells me it sucks horribly. So I end up doing these splitscreen loot runs myself, and haven't seen many good drops.

User Info: Knight2520

7 years ago#8
You're not going to find a very high (1500+) legit shield with a health regen, health boost, or elemental resistance. The max on those is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1399. I don't remember the exact number. Pure capacity ones will max out at 1932 with 183 regen.
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User Info: lightfighter

7 years ago#9
I still say New Haven.

User Info: Dranaxscas

7 years ago#10
1439's the capacity of my quick health regen shield. I imagine slow health regens go higher. My friend found it in a vending machine and bought it, knowing I'd want it.
Gamertag: Dranaxscas609
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